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'Simonize' Jackson: You ain't got nothing on me, except what he said. And that's just heresy.
Greevey: The word's 'hearsay', Simonize.

Andrea Fermi: If you think that a woman doesn't know when she's being raped, then I hope you never find out how wrong you are.

Ben Stone: [to a mentally ill witness] Your psychiatrist tells us that you have moments of rational thought. We're going to take care of you, and you're going to go back in there and have one of those moments.

Ben Stone: Do you know what this is?
Convict: It's a gun.
Stone: [sarcastically] Very good, can you spell gun?
Convict: Sure. D-E-A-L.
Stone: I see you've passed the spelling test.

Ben Stone: :[talking to the DA about the Lowenstein's twisted family life] I feel like I'm floating face down, and there's about a mile of dark water between me and any sense of this.

Ben Stone:One way or another, that woman hit her child. That's not what bothers me.
Adam Schiff:What does bothers you?
Ben own rage

Briscoe: Right around the corner from here is the first place I ever saw Mose Allison.
Logan: Who?
Briscoe: I keep forgetting when you were born.

Cassie: You know, when I was a little girl, mama used to tell me that you do good? You'll be okay. [pauses] I guess kids got to believe that. 'Else they'd never grow up.

Cerreta: You save your high school prizes?
Logan: Yeah. First prize. Multiple dress code violations.

Cerreta: These guys sound like Boy Scouts.
Logan: Or shadow lives. Somebody paid good money to have them killed- you peer long enough, something emerges from the shadows.

Cerretta: I don't think we're gonna trace it. We're still working on gun control. Pipe control's a way off.

Christian 'Lemonhead' Tatum: I want that reward.
Phil Cerreta: I thought Polesky was your friend.
Christian 'Lemonhead' Tatum: I'm flexible.
Mike Logan: Crazy, not stupid.

Cookie Molina: Look, the heart -- that's not the part of the anatomy the girls are interested in.

Cotton Queen: Sure, he asked me to do it. $2500 a week on my back instead of $500 on my feet.
Logan: Well, it must have been tempting.
Cotton Queen: Maybe to you. But, honey, I don't think you'd survive. In my experience, cops just can't perform that often.
Cerreta: So you never turned a trick, huh?
Cotton Queen: Most beauty contests, some cracker judge would put his hands on my ass and offer me more money than I had ever seen to be his "date". I didn't do it then, I don't do it now.

Cragen: She's a hooker, Paul. She slept with her pimp, she got very angry, and she stabbed him. Call Eyewitness News, we've never seen anything like this in New York City before.