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Cragen: Grand theft kidney. Terrific.

Cragen: If you're wrong, and you go after cops...
Greevey: If I'm wrong, I'll go to the grand jury and say I killed the kid.

Cragen: Nobody has a 'verbal altercation' anymore, you notice that?

Cragen: So where does that get us? A lover's quarrel?
Logan: After sex? Most people, you fight, and then have sex.
Cerreta: [To Cragen] He's not married.

Cragen: This is freakin' amazing. I don't know a computer disk from a slipped disk.

Cragen: This is New York, remember? Sometimes people get beat up just for the hell of it. Sometimes they even get dead, it's a fact of life.

Cragen: What is less than square one?

Cragen: Wow! I can see this leading to a whole new penological outlook -- we will only pursue homicides where the vic died in a state of grace.

Cragen:The entire city is enraged at the deaths of people who, normally, they wouldn't have time of day for.

D.A. Adam Schiff: A prosecution based on debt re-financing. That's going to get you real far with the jury.
Stone: I'll lay it out for them. I'll draw them a Monopoly board.
D.A. Adam Schiff: Yeah, I'd like to see them get from 'Park Place' to 'Go.'

D.A. Adam Schiff: Amazing. Getting angry. The most emotional issue that the law has dealt with since suffrage. Look at us: three men. Talking about what rights women should have over their own bodies. Now doesn't that strike you as a little one-sided?

D.A. Adam Schiff: I don't photograph well with egg on my face, how about you?

D.A. Adam Schiff: What does your gut tell you?
Stone: Put 'em in a dungeon, put 'em on a wheel, and annihilate 'em.

DA Adam Schiff: Why would a man in the position to help his people do something like that? What the hell happened to 'give me your huddled masses?' What the hell happened to this city?

Daniel Magadan: You know how to read a rap sheet, don't you? Five arrests, three convictions.
Paul Robinette: So you're a loser, so...?