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10-Large: [checking Calleigh out.] Damn! Nice cake!
Calleigh: Oh!...Charming!

Agent Cole: Miss Duquesne, you're up. I'll walk you.
Calleigh: I'll walk you.

Agent Landrey: And, CSI Wolfe, thanks for the cooperation.
Ryan: For the record, I didn't cooperate.

Alexx: 93 degrees-- puts her time of death at about 2AM.
Calleigh: Blood pools indicate time of attack was earlier.
Alexx: Your job, honey. Mine begins with death.

Alexx: [About the victim.] No soot in his lungs; no esophageal burning.
Ryan: He was already dead when he got on the Gannons' boat.
Alexx: Look at my boy, all grown up.

Alexx: [Explaining to Calleigh how their vic got an adrenaline shot.] Uma Thurman, "Pulp Fiction."

Alexx: [looking at victim] Shot in the light of day? In a house full of people? That's cold-blooded, Horatio.
Horatio: As cold...as ice!

Alexx: [To Erica Sykes, who's trying to get a shot of the victim.] Get that camera off my body!

Alexx: [Waiting for the CSIs to show up for the post.] All right, look like it's gonna be just you and me, Armando, baby.

Alexx: A Virt-topsy?
Horatio: Yes, a virtual autopsy is not covered in the injunction.
Alexx: Ha! Any excuse to try something new.

Alexx: All these sheers and no one saw the murder?
Horatio: In a place like this, sex and murder might be indistinguishable.

Alexx: An unplanned child.
Horatio: The child may have been unplanned, Alexx...but the murder wasn't.

Alexx: Brutal murder, broad daylight, in the middle of the Grove, thought I'd seen it all.

Alexx: Drunk drivers bend. They don't break...

Alexx: He was strangled, then dangled.