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Alexis: He asked me to dinner.
Wilhelmina: And you said?
Alexis: No.
Wilhelmina: Alexis, why?
Alexis: Because it's dinner and that means sex. I know that. I used to be a guy.
Wilhelmina: And what's wrong with sex?
Alexis: Well I haven't... it's... I haven't exactly... ever since I... I haven't...
Wilhelmina: Taken the new car out for a test drive?
Alexis: That's one way to put it.
Wilhelmina: Alexis, what are you waiting for? Sooner or later someone is going to have to put the key in the ignition.

Alexis: It's complicated coming back from the dead.
Wilhelmina: Oh, please. Donna Karan does it every three years.

Alexis: Let's put it this way. If my father were drowning, I would pull up a lawn chair and watch.

Amanda [to Marc]: You booking a cruise? You can't afford to book a cruise to the bathroom on the 17th floor.

Amanda Nick left. He said something about cheerleading finals and cocaine.

Amanda: [about Fey] I just stare at her picture all day and then I stare at myself in the mirror.
Marc: More than usual?
Amanda: Yeah.

Amanda: [looking at Betty's handbag]: Does it come with a mule?

Amanda: Friends do not let friends wear glitter before noon!

Amanda: Hey, what's different about you? You get your hair cut?
Betty: I'm wearing an eyepatch.
Amanda: You didn't always have that?

Amanda: I haven't gained that much weight. You can't even notice. [leans over the desk to answer the phone as Wilhelmina walks in]
Wilhelmina: Morning, Marc, Betty.

Amanda: Oh it's about to get nerd-nasty.

Amanda: She's so fabulously douchey.

Amanda: Sure, today I'm the eye candy, but tomorrow I'll be old candy. Old, hard, wrinkly candy, covered in lint.
Marc: Are you having a stroke?
Amanda: Maybe. I'm old enough!

Amanda: The human piñata look may be all the rage in Queens, but in Soho they'll arrest you for crimes against humanity.

Amanda: They don't call him "the Tripod" because he's a photographer, if you catch my drift.