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Andrea: [naming her dish] Creamy Balls and Crunchy Nuts.

Andrea: [of her Elimination Challenge dish] It looked like a bomb exploded on my plate.

Andrea: [of Miguel's reaction to guest judge Madame S] Miguel, of course, was like 'Aw, she's so hot!' And I'm like, Miguel, you have to get out of the house a little more.

Andrea: [referring to the Gas Station Challenge] I really encourage people to eat food that doesn't have a lot of chemicals in it. My clients are going to pass out and die... [laughs]

Andrea: [referring to the QuickFire Challenge] Everybody starts digging in and there are all these chefs like chop-chop-chop-chop-chop-chop suey all over the place, and I'm looking at this basket of fruit and I'm like, I just really want to put the basket of fruit exactly as it is on the table.

Andrea: [to protect her teammate Miguel] If I did something to destroy his chances of staying, um, then I would like to give him my immunity.

Andrea: I'm bringing something to the competition that other people aren't bringing, you know, it's the ability to move your bowels with vegetables.

Brian: [telling the chefs he has been sent home] Elvis has left the building.

Candice: [to Stephen] Obviously you're a tool and a douche bag!

Cynthia: [to Stephen] How are you doing, Brian?
Stephen: Stephen?

Cynthia: What the fuck did I come over here for?

Dave: [on being one of Tiffani's sous chefs] Helping someone who I just have little or no respect for.. drinking is the only way I can make it through. Lorraine, thanks for the wine.
Season 2

Dave: [to Tiffani] I'm not your bitch, bitch!

Gail Simmons: Stephen looked at us like we were crazy! His Japanese infused, confused tamale?
Tom Colicchio: He's just getting over-creative, and it's just getting in the way. I think he gets too wrapped up in the dogma of cooking.

Guest: The salmon was USELESS! ...I was all of a sudden in a bad convention †it might as well have been boiled chicken.