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Cynthia: [to Stephen] How are you doing, Brian?
Stephen: Stephen?

Andrea: [of her Elimination Challenge dish] It looked like a bomb exploded on my plate.

Ken: [of the other chefs judging his food] I don't care whether the other chefs express their opinions about my food. If the food is good, say it's good. If the food is crap, flip the plate.

Lee Anne: Stephen is a sommelier so he's a professional bullshitter.

Andrea: I'm bringing something to the competition that other people aren't bringing, you know, it's the ability to move your bowels with vegetables.

Cynthia: What the fuck did I come over here for?

Ken: [to Tom Colicchio] I speak my mind, that's the way I am.

Ken: C'mon guys! Allez! Allez!

Miguel: I love you dawg!
Stephen: [chuckling] Schmuck.

Andrea: [of Miguel's reaction to guest judge Madame S] Miguel, of course, was like 'Aw, she's so hot!' And I'm like, Miguel, you have to get out of the house a little more.

RuPaul: [referring to Andrea's dessert] Now is this low-cal?
Andrea: Yes, there's no butter, there's no saturated fat.
RuPaul: Everything is organic?
Andrea: Everything is organic, right down to the chocolate.
RuPaul: [tasting her dessert] Needs butter.

RuPaul: Aren't all desserts really sexy? I mean, have you ever seen a fat person eat a cream puff? I mean, that's like watching somebody having sex.

Tom Colicchio: Are those condoms hanging out of your pocket?
Miguel: Oh yeah, absolutely Chef. I always go to the kitchen protected.

Andrea: [referring to the QuickFire Challenge] Everybody starts digging in and there are all these chefs like chop-chop-chop-chop-chop-chop suey all over the place, and I'm looking at this basket of fruit and I'm like, I just really want to put the basket of fruit exactly as it is on the table.

Miguel: [to Madame S] I would love to serve you.