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[After Anne reveals her parnoia of Henry having an affair]
Henry VIII: That's enough!
Anne Boleyn: No, you told me that we would always be truthful with one another! You said it was the definition of love!
Henry VIII: Then here's the truth. You must shut your eyes and endure [contemptuous] like your betters have done before you!
Anne Boleyn: [angrily] How can you say that to me!? Don't you know I love you a thousand times more than Catherine ever did!?
Henry VIII: [stands up, furious] AND DON'T YOU KNOW THAT I CAN DRAG YOU DOWN AS QUICKLY AS I RAISED YOU!? T'is lucky you have your bed already, madam, for if you did not, I would not give it to you a second time! [moves to leave, but stops] Francis won't accept the betrothal.
Anne Boleyn: Why?
Henry VIII: [angrily] Why do you think!? Because he, and the Pope, and the Emperor ARE ALL AGREED she is a bastard, and you are not my wife!

Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk: Margaret, you and I must stay in the king's good graces or we are nothing. Let him marry who he wishes.
Princess Margaret: That was always your philosophy, wasn't it Charles? So very cynical. Is that why you keep company with that devil Boleyn?
Charles Brandon: You liked him enough once, when he helped us back to court... Or were you just being cynical?
Princess Margaret: I didn't see all of his game. Now I do. I despise him.
Charles Brandon: So do I. But I hate Wolsey more. It's a marriage of expedience.
Princess Margaret: Rather like ours.
Charles Brandon: No, I loved you.
Princess Margaret: You don't know the meaning of the word, Charles. You can love, perhaps for a year, a month, a day, even for an hour. And in that hour I do believe you love as well and deeply... as any man. But after that hour, you love not! You love another, and then another. Your love is most generous where it is most hurtful.

Cardinal Wolsey: Francis has betrayed me!
Thomas More: Francis saw the futility of war. He recognised the need for tradition!
[Wolsey, ignoring everything More has said, looks up and glares at him]
Cardinal Wolsey: [hatefully] And you, have destroyed me!

Anne Boleyn:You know I sometimes wish that all Spaniards were at the bottom of the sea.
Lady in Waiting: Mistress Boleyn, you should not abuse the Queen's honor with such language!
Anne Boleyn: I care nothing for Katherine. I would rather see her hanged than acknowledge her as my mistress!

Cardinal Wolsey: Lady Anne, what are you doing here?
Anne Boleyn: I have an audience with His Majesty?
Cardinal Wolsey: What would a silly girl like you have to say to a king?

Cardinal Wolsey: [regarding Henry's desired divorce] It is my considered opinion that we should apply to His Holiness, Pope Clement, for a ruling on this matter. Since he loves Your Majesty, I'm certain he will rule in your favour.
King Henry VIII: Oh, I hope so. I certainly do hope so, for your sake.

Cardinal Campeggio: [regarding a letter Henry VII has sent demanding an annulment] He uses some intemperate language, Holiness, claiming that "Never was a prince so poorly treated by a Pope"
Pope Paul III: He meant my predecessor, and to be fair, he has a point. Clement was a terrible procrastinator. Although it was terribly wrong for some to dig up his dead body, stab it, and drag it through the street, I can well understand their sentiments; he was never popular.

Cardinal Campeggio: I have received a petition from the dukes of Suffolk and Norfolk and Lord Boleyn, saying the divorce has an overwhelming support of the people of England.
Thomas More: As Your Eminence would quickly discover if he stepped outside these doors and saw the people, that is a manifest lie. On the contrary, the people love their queen and they have every reason to do so.

Anne Boleyn: Forgive me, I spoke of things I should not.
King Henry VIII: No, no, I give you leave that we may always speak freely with each other, honestly, openly and with a true heart. For me, that is the true definition of love.

Cardinal Wolsey: Well, at least our alliance with the emperor is popular, although sometimes I ask myself why that should be so.
King Henry: Because he's not French!
Cardinal Wolsey: Quite.

Henry VIII: What of the others!?
Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk: Smeaton, Brereton, Norris and George Boleyn have been found guilty, and are to be executed tomorrow.
Henry VIII: You know what Cromwell told me? He told me she'd had to do with over a hundred men. A hundred fucking men, Charles! [angrily] You know what? My daughter, Mary, owes God a great deal for escaping the hands of that poisoning whore! Oh she planned to have her poisoned, Charles, it's true. Just like she poisoned Catherine. We have proof. And her baby. Her baby was deformed; did you know that, Charles!? [horrified, Brandon shakes his head] So how could it have been mine!? Perhaps Elizabeth isn't even mine! That fucking bitch! [Henry breaks down in tears as Brandon tries to comfort him]

Cardinal Campeggio: So the deal is off between the French cardinals and Wolsey? As it should be. The next Pope should be Italian, as it was, is, and should be. We had one English Pope. He was insane! No more.

Cardinal Wolsey: Try to discover by subtle means, through his agents, if the emperor is prepared to support his aunt by use of force.
Thomas More: You think he might invade England in support of the queen?
Cardinal Wolsey: I don't think anything, but I imagine everything.

Cardinal Wolsey: Let me know the moment the cardinals arrive.
Cardinal Wolsey is writing letters. Some time passes when King Francis comes to his chamber
Cardinal Wolsey: Your Majesty.
King Francis: You did not hear the news?
Cardinal Wolsey: What news?
King Francis: The cardinals are not coming.
Cardinal Wosley: Why not?
King Francis: The Emperor has decided to release the Pope from capitivity. Pope Clement ordered all cardinals back to Rome as the Vatican is once again in session. There is nothing I can do about; I am terribly sorry. They only take orders from His Holiness.
Cardinal Wolsey has been dealt a bad blow
King Francis{translated from French}: The wheel turns my friend.

Anne Boleyn: [to Master Wyatt] You are a poet as I am a woman. Poets and women are always free with their hearts, are they not?