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Cardinal Campeggio: [regarding a letter Henry VII has sent demanding an annulment] He uses some intemperate language, Holiness, claiming that "Never was a prince so poorly treated by a Pope"
Pope Paul III: He meant my predecessor, and to be fair, he has a point. Clement was a terrible procrastinator. Although it was terribly wrong for some to dig up his dead body, stab it, and drag it through the street, I can well understand their sentiments; he was never popular.

Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk: I'm going to have to attend on the king and that bitch of his at her coronation! What didWolsey used to call her? "The Black Crow".
Catherine Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk: Can you not plead some indisposition?
Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk: I could, even though the king has made me high constable for the day, but if I did, His Majesty would remove my head. And then, I should be genuinely indisposed!
Catherine Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk: [flirtingly] Very well. So keep your head. It's a pretty head in any case, and I don't want to lose it either. [serious] But store up your knowledge and your anger. Don't act impulsively; it's always a mistake. But one day, with others so disposed, use them both...and if you can, bring her down, and destroy her.

George Boleyn: [talking to his father after Henry VIII is left fighting for his life in a jousting accident] You know, I cannot think whether it would be a bad thing, or a good thing if he died. For as Lord Protector, you would ipso facto be King of England.

Henry VIII: [speaking to his courtiers while Anne Boleyn is in labour with a "son"] I've asked the French Ambassador to hold him at the font during his christening. If he drops him, it's war!

Henry VIII: [speaking while holding his newborn daughter] Who knows, perhaps one day this little girl will preside over empires.

Henry VIII: What of the others!?
Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk: Smeaton, Brereton, Norris and George Boleyn have been found guilty, and are to be executed tomorrow.
Henry VIII: You know what Cromwell told me? He told me she'd had to do with over a hundred men. A hundred fucking men, Charles! [angrily] You know what? My daughter, Mary, owes God a great deal for escaping the hands of that poisoning whore! Oh she planned to have her poisoned, Charles, it's true. Just like she poisoned Catherine. We have proof. And her baby. Her baby was deformed; did you know that, Charles!? [horrified, Brandon shakes his head] So how could it have been mine!? Perhaps Elizabeth isn't even mine! That fucking bitch! [Henry breaks down in tears as Brandon tries to comfort him]

Pope Paul III: You and I, Campeggio, have done well to avoid the craft of women. Celibacy is an immense relief.

Sir Henry Norris: I was married before and, I must confess, I rather like the liberty of not being married again!
Henry VIII: [laughes] I can understand that!

Thomas Cromwell: Majesty, I have just heard that the Pope intends to make Reverend Fisher a cardinal. [Henry laughes coldly at this] Apparently, he has already dispatched a cardinal's hat.
Henry VIII: Then Fisher will have to wear it upon his shoulders, for by the time it gets here, he won't have a head to put it on!

[After Anne reveals her parnoia of Henry having an affair]
Henry VIII: That's enough!
Anne Boleyn: No, you told me that we would always be truthful with one another! You said it was the definition of love!
Henry VIII: Then here's the truth. You must shut your eyes and endure [contemptuous] like your betters have done before you!
Anne Boleyn: [angrily] How can you say that to me!? Don't you know I love you a thousand times more than Catherine ever did!?
Henry VIII: [stands up, furious] AND DON'T YOU KNOW THAT I CAN DRAG YOU DOWN AS QUICKLY AS I RAISED YOU!? T'is lucky you have your bed already, madam, for if you did not, I would not give it to you a second time! [moves to leave, but stops] Francis won't accept the betrothal.
Anne Boleyn: Why?
Henry VIII: [angrily] Why do you think!? Because he, and the Pope, and the Emperor ARE ALL AGREED she is a bastard, and you are not my wife!

[At a later interrogation of Lady Rochford]
Thomas Cromwell: Do you believe this to be true?
Lady Rochford: I believe that is true, yes. [Cromwell walks over and looks her in the eye]
Thomas Cromwell: [skeptical] You believe that your husband committed incest with the queen!?
[Lady Rochford looks at Cromwell with a sly smile. Cromwell looks surprised, then returns the smile; the pair understand each other perfectly]

[In Thomas Wyatt's cell]
Thomas Cromwell: The Queen was tried yesterday at Westminster Hall. She pleaded not guilty to all charges against her, but the evidence being overwhelming...she was sentenced to death, either by burning or decapitation according to the King's pleasure.
Thomas Wyatt: [fighting back tears] And her accomplices? What of us?
Thomas Cromwell: Smeaton, Brereton, Norris and George Boleyn, all guilty as charged.
Thomas Wyatt: Thomas, what about me? Am I to be tried too?
Thomas Cromwell: No. We found no evidence against you. You're to be released...eventually. [Cromwell leaves the cell]
Thomas Wyatt: [tearfully] BUT I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO'S GUILTY!

[Thomas Cromwell is interrogating Lady Margaret Sheldon regarding Queen Anne's infidelity, and has extracted a list of her supposed lovers, save one]
Thomas Cromwell: And!? [he slams his fist on a table] AND!?
Margaret Sheldon: [sobbing] I saw her hugging and kissing her brother!
Thomas Cromwell: [horror-struck and disgusted] Her brother!?