[After Anne reveals her parnoia of Henry having an affair]
Henry VIII: That's enough!
Anne Boleyn: No, you told me that we would always be truthful with one another! You said it was the definition of love!
Henry VIII: Then here's the truth. You must shut your eyes and endure [contemptuous] like your betters have done before you!
Anne Boleyn: [angrily] How can you say that to me!? Don't you know I love you a thousand times more than Catherine ever did!?
Henry VIII: [stands up, furious] AND DON'T YOU KNOW THAT I CAN DRAG YOU DOWN AS QUICKLY AS I RAISED YOU!? T'is lucky you have your bed already, madam, for if you did not, I would not give it to you a second time! [moves to leave, but stops] Francis won't accept the betrothal.
Anne Boleyn: Why?
Henry VIII: [angrily] Why do you think!? Because he, and the Pope, and the Emperor ARE ALL AGREED she is a bastard, and you are not my wife!

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