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B.A. Baracus: We vote because I say we vote!

B.A. Baracus: You learn to love him, Mama. But it takes a long time. Referring to Hannibal
Amy: That's the same thing he said about you.

Colonel Decker: (on bullhorn) It's over, Smith. You lost.
Hannibal: And I was having such a nice day.
Face: Don't worry, he'll give us a minute like he always does.
Colonel Decker: (on bullhorn) You have thirty seconds to give up your weapons before we open fire.
Hannibal: Got to give the man credit. He's learning.

Crazy Tommy T: (to Face) Talk to me or I'll have Jilly here use your head for an anvil.

Crazy Tommy T: You don't know you are messing with.
Hannibal: Oh, yeah! I do. You're the king cockroach around here. Now, we can do this the hard way or the easy way. In about a minute, I and my three friends are gonna unleash on you your worst nightmare. You're gonna wish the earth opened up underneath your feet and swallowed you whole.
Crazy Tommy T: What's the easy way?
Hannibal: Oh, that was the easy way.

Face: (after their left wing started releasing smoke and the plane's altitude reader,fuel indicator, compass, and other things started messing up.) Murdock, what's gonna happen?
Murdock: Looks like we're gonna crash.
Face: No, c'mon, really. What's gonna happen?
Murdock: (Their right engine stops) Looks like we're gonna crash... And die.

Face: But Hannibal, rules are made to be broken!
Hannibal: Noses are also made to be broken, right, Face?

Face: I got us a Gulfstream. Can you fly it?
Murdock: Hey, brother. If it's got wings, I can fly it.
Face: Great.
Murdock: Hey, Face, what's a Gulfstream?

Face: I'm allergic to bullets. Especially those headed into my direction.

Face: Look Hannibal, there's about a hundred reasons why I hate this plan of yours, but my biggest objection, even bigger than my objection to letting someone else drive my 'vette, my biggest objection is sending the Golden Age of Television here to back up Tawnia while she's trying to scam a piece of scuzzy luggage like Harnett.
Murdock: Thanks for the support, O facial one.

Face: The bigger they are, The harder they fall.
B.A walks into the room
B.A: The bigger they are, the harder they hit!

Face: You better watch my back.
Murdock: Who's gonna watch mine?
The walk across the room.
Murdock: Face, your back. It's looking good.

Face: You don't have a plan, do you?
Hannibal: Of course I have a plan. But it's a secret.

Frankie: Hey, I couldn't help noticing that jacket's beginning to dry out and crack. Ever try tanning butter?
Murdock: Only on pancakes. It tastes pretty yucky.
Frankie: Huh?
Murdock: But it did turn my tongue a nice shade of brown.
Frankie: [to Face] Who is he?
Face: Well, uh, when we get on the plane you can sit next to him and if you figure it out, let us know.

Frankie: I've always thought of Johnny as some kind of ... Superman ya' know?
B.A: There ain't no body!
Frankie: They don't always find a body B.A
Murdock: Hey Frankie, do you know something we don't know? Why are you trying to convince us that Hannibal's dead?
Frankie: I'm not! I'm just trying to face facts. Everything we've heard so far says that Johnny's not alive.
Face: Frankie, there's not a shred of hard evidence that says that he's dead.
Frankie: Yeah, except that goon back there who says he was killed!
Silent Pause
Murdock: I'm, I'm sorry, i'm sorry. It's just that g- goons are not a very reliable source of information you know.
Face: Yeah, see the bottom line here Frankie is that were not gonna believe Hannibal's dead until we get some proof.
Murdock: If there's no body, then Hannibal is alive.
Face: I think the key to this whole mess is Bobby, that little peddycab peddler.
Frankie: Yeah how come you haven't let Stockwell in on that one!?
Murdock: Stockwell? Stockwell? Stockwell doesn't give a rats tail whether Hannibal is alive or dead!
B.A: You got that right crazy man.
'Stockwell walks into the room
Stockwell: O.K we're upgrading the status of this mission to Code Red. Now according to Colonel Smith's message, we've got 16 hours before the plutonium shipment changes hands. I have arranged for our friend back there to be picked up in a half an hour. So I want you to stay here until then.
Face: B.A and Frankie will uh, cover this end here for you, Murdock and I have something we've gotta check out.
Stockwell: No, you're not checking anything out until the prisoner is picked up. Then I want you to meet Alice and me at Hop Louies. Understood?
Stockwell: Is there a problem?
Murdock: Yes. We do not believe that Hannibal is dead, General.
Stockwell: That's an interesting fantasy, but we don't deal in fantasies in this business.
Frankie: Fantasy? Whoa, whoa, whoa wait just a minute here. This situation is NO FANTASY!