Beavis and Butt-Head quotes

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Butt-head: Light one up its butt.
[Beavis does so, then drops the burning insect in order to see it explode. Both of them are now laughing.]

Butt-head: That was cool.
[The pair both play air guitar, in celebration of their antic, until they see a frog]

Beavis: Look, dude! A frog!
Beavis and Butt-head: FROG BASEBALL!!
Butt-head: GET IT!!
[Butt-head constantly misses the frog with the bat]

Beavis: Strike One! Strike Two! Strike Thr... AAAARRGH!
[Butt-head hits Beavis on the back of the head with the bat]

Butt-head: Ball. Huh huh.
[Butt-head hits the frog with the baseball bat]

Butt-head: YES!!

Butt-head: That was cool.
[The pair hum out Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water" as a celebration for killing the frog. They soon see a poodle nearby]

Beavis: Look, Butt-head! Mrs. Higgins' poodle!
Beavis and Butt-head: DOG BASEBALL!!
Butt-head: GET IT!!
[The pair chase the dog as it fades to the end credits, where the dog is heard wimpering]

Beavis: Don't wanna fall in mud!
Butt-head: All I wanna do is sell my blood!
Beavis: What do you think they pay for like a gallon of blood?
Butt-head: Just be cool Dude! Don't take their first offer!
Beavis: How they do like get it out Dude?
Butt-head: They give you a big knife, then you cut your hand and like bleed in the bucket. Huh, Huh
Beavis: Hea hea, that's cool!
Butt-head: They give you a big old bottle of 'Mad Dog 20/20' to drink first. Huh, Huh
Beavis: High Test!
Butt-head: And then, when you're done. Don't forget to stand up realy fast.
Beavis: Hmmhhh
Butt-head: If you're lucky you'll pass out!
Beavis: Cool!

van Driesson: Now people, do you know what I mean, when I say that animals are sentient creatures? Daria?
Daria: They think and feel just like us?
van Driesson: Wel just like most of us, anyway. And that brings us to our next class project. : Did you know people that a furrier is planning to set up a shop in this town ?
Butt-Head: Huh Huh, furrier than who? Huh Huh
Beavis: Heh Heh, Yeah Heh Heh
van Driesson: Who can tell me how they kill these poor little animals that they use to make those furs? Anybody?
Daria: Anal electrocution?
van Driesson: That's correct.
Beavis: What's that mean ?
van Driesson: Tell the class, Daria.
Daria: 50.000 Volts up the butt!
Butt-Head: Huh Huh, That'd be cool!
Beavis: Wonder what that feels like.
Butt-Head: Huh Huh, ask your Dad! Huh Huh
van Driesson: Do you wanna say something, Butt-Head?
Butt-Head: Er, Huh Huh, on behalf of the class I would like to propose a field trip so we can observe this freeing techniques!
van Driesson: I don't think so,Butt-Head! In fact, I think our duty as passengers on spaceship earth is to put a stop to these monstrous acts right away! So class, our assignment is a lesson in the people's power. We're going to take a petition door to door and collect enough signatures to keep the furriers out of town.
[Beavis & Butt-Head going from door to door]

Butt-Head: Er wanna save some mixed butts ?

Beavis: Er,you like animals ?
Woman: What ? What ? Just a minute. Shut up ! Shut up or I have to put your slipe! Now, what did you want ?
Butt-Head: Er never mind ! Huh Huh
[ On the way to the next door]

Beavis: No one is gonna sign this thing!
Butt-Head: Yeah! huh huh! Petitions are stupid!

Drunken man: What do you want ?
Butt-Head: Huh Huh, check this out! We're givin away beer! Just sign here!

Butt-Head: Tattoos are cool.
Beavis: Yeah yeah! I'm gonna get one!
Butt-Head: You could have "I'm a puss" tattoo on your butt.
Beavis: Shut up, Butt-Head!