Beavis: Don't wanna fall in mud!
Butt-head: All I wanna do is sell my blood!
Beavis: What do you think they pay for like a gallon of blood?
Butt-head: Just be cool Dude! Don't take their first offer!
Beavis: How they do like get it out Dude?
Butt-head: They give you a big knife, then you cut your hand and like bleed in the bucket. Huh, Huh
Beavis: Hea hea, that's cool!
Butt-head: They give you a big old bottle of 'Mad Dog 20/20' to drink first. Huh, Huh
Beavis: High Test!
Butt-head: And then, when you're done. Don't forget to stand up realy fast.
Beavis: Hmmhhh
Butt-head: If you're lucky you'll pass out!
Beavis: Cool!

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