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Henry VIII: When I was five, my mother and I were taken across London, into the Tower. There was a rebellion against my father; the Cornish rebels were actually at the city walls! And inside, everything was panic, fear. We had no news of the royal army, or of my father. My mother tried to remain calm, but she was terrified. So was I. I was sure we were both going to be killed.

King Francis: Do you see that young woman over there? Dressed in purple and gold?
King Henry VIII: Yes.
King Francis: Her name is Mary Boleyn, the daughter of your ambassador, with her sister Anne. I call Mary my english mare, because I ride her so often.

King Henry VIII: [about Brandon] Look, I don't mean he is banished forever. Just as long as he breathes.

King Henry VIII: [to Wolsey] What we lack in men, we can more than make up for in ships. We are in an island race, Cardinal. We have the best and bravest sailors in the world. I will have the greatest navy.
Thomas Wolsey: Ships are expensive, your Majesty.
Henry VIII: My father was a clever man, your Eminence. A shrewd man. A businessman. He left me a great deal of money, your Eminence. I intend to spend it!

King Henry VIII: For a while, I shall have to share Katherine's table, and sometimes her bed.
Anne Boleyn: Her bed!
King Henry: It's nothing. My lawyers have just advised me that to do otherwise might risk counter-suits. I could be seen to be acting against her conjugal rights.
Anne Boleyn: You think it's nothing, to go back to bed with your wife?
King Henry: What do you think is going to happen?
Anne Boleyn: What usually happens.

King Henry VIII: Have I made you unhappy?
Anne Boleyn: No, I would only be unhappy if you ever stopped loving me.
King Henry: London would have to melt into the Thames first.

King Henry VIII: I hear you've been unwell? Is it true?
Cardinal Wolsey: Majesty, when was I ever unwell enough not to serve you?
King Henry: That's what I thought.

King Henry VIII: Mister Wyatt.
Thomas Wyatt: Your Majesty.
King Henry: I hear you're a poet.
Thomas Wyatt: I write poems, I don't know how to be "a poet".
King Henry: I've read some, I like them.
Thomas Wyatt: My Lord, I don't know what to say.
King Henry: [whispers in Wyatt's ear] Were you in love with Anne Boleyn?
Thomas Wyatt: I...
King Henry: Cardinal Wolsey tells me you were once engaged.
Thomas Wyatt: No, that's not true.
King Henry: Did you love her?
Thomas Wyatt: Lady Anne is so beautiful, it is the duty of every man to love her. Of course I loved her, but from a distance. Personally, I have a wife.

King Henry: [to Thomas More] Why is Henry V remembered? Because he endowed Universities? Built Alms houses for the destitute? No. He is remembered because he won the Battle of Agincourt. 3,000 English bowman against 60,000 French. The flower of French chivalry destroyed in 4 hours. That victory made him famous Thomas. It made him immortal!

King Henry: Ah! Your Excellence, allow me to introduce...
French Ambassador: Is this not Mademoiselle Anne? Enchanté. His Eminence, Cardinal Wolsey, has told me all about you, but he did not tell me how beautiful you are. For a Frenchman, that is almost a crime.

King Henry: Anne, I want to say something to you. If it pleases you to be my true loyal mistress and friend, to give yourself up to me body and soul, I promise, I'll take you as my only mistress. I won't have a thought or an affection for anyone else.

King Henry: How dare you look at me! I am your Lord and Master, not your brother! You are both banished from court. You will relinquish your London houses. You will remove yourself from my sight. Do you understand?
Princess Margaret: Yes... Your Majesty.
King Henry: And Margaret...
Princess Margaret: What?
King Henry: I have yet to decide whether to make your bedmate a head shorter.

King Henry: Tell me about King Francis, Sir Thomas.
Thomas Boleyn: He's 23 years old.
King Henry: Is he tall?
Thomas Boleyn: Yes. But ill proportioned.
King Henry: What about his legs? Are his calves strong like mine?
Thomas Boleyn: Your Majesty no one has calves like yours.
King Henry: Is he handsome?
Thomas Boleyn: Some people might think so. He certainly thinks so himself.
King Henry: He's vain?!
Thomas Boleyn: Your Majesty... he's French!

King Henry: The need for reformation in the Church is manifest. The Emperor has a duty to promote it, as do I in my own domain. I'm glad we've had this opportunity to exchange opinions.
Ambassador Chapuys: Your Majesty.

King Henry: Wolsey promises me I will have a divorce by summer.
Anne Boleyn: Promises are easy.