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Allison: Good time? Bad time?
Don Draper: Yes.

Anna Draper: I started thinking of everything I was sure was true, and how flimsy it all might be.
Don Draper: You don't have to see a UFO to know that. But it's not a great way to think about things.
Anna Draper: I know everything about you and I still love you.

Don Draper: [about her pregnancy] Do you ever think about it?
Peggy Olson: I try not to, but then it comes up out of nowhere. [She pauses] Playgrounds.

Don Draper: [about teenagers] The truth is, they're mourning for their childhood more than they're anticipating their future, because they don't know it yet, but they don't want to die.

Don Draper: [holding up a bottle] Why is this empty?
Allison: Because you drank it all.

Don Draper: How can you stand going to the hospital every day?
Phoebe: I love working at the hospital. People comin' into the world, people leavin' it. Everything happens there.

Don Draper: I could tell, the minute she saw who I really was, she never wanted to look at me again. Which is why I never told her.
Anna Draper: Oh, Dick. I'm sorry she broke your heart.
Don Draper: I had it coming.

Don Draper: I don't hate Christmas. I hate this Christmas.

Don Draper: I don't know what it is about you, but I feel like myself when I'm with you, but the way I always wanted to feel, because I'm in love with you Megan, and I think I have been for a while.

Don Draper: I've got this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.
Faye Miller: Listen, maybe it's not all about work. Maybe that sick feeling might go away if you'd take your head out of the sand about the past.
Don Draper: You know it's not that simple.
Faye Miller: Of course it isn't. And you don't have to do it alone, but if you resolve some of that, you might be more comfortable with everything.
Don Draper: And then what happens?
Faye Miller: Then you're stuck trying to be a person like the rest of us.

Don Draper: It's your job. I give you money, you give me ideas.
Peggy Olson: And you never say thank you.
Don: That's what the money is for!

Don Draper: Let yourself out, lock the door behind a courtesy.
Faye Miller: You want to leave me here? You sure?
Don Draper: I'm taking everything interesting with me.

Don Draper: My Uncle Mac said he had a suitcase that was always packed. He said a man has to be ready to go at any moment. Jesus, maybe it's a metaphor.

Don Draper: She is very important to me. I'm going to do what I have to.
Patty: You have no say in the affairs of this family. You're just a man in a room with a checkbook. I'm sorry.

Don Draper: We're Creative, the least important, most important thing there is.