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Ando: You've always wanted to become a Kendo master.
Future Hiro: I studied in Tohoku. So, technically, I'm a Battojutsu master.
Ando: [in Japanese] Why do you always have to correct me?
Future Hiro: [in Japanese] Because, there's a difference.
Ando: What difference? You're still a hero. You became everything you wanted to be. And I- - I became dead.
Future Hiro: Peter told you?
Ando: [examining Hiro's sword] Looks like you've seen a lot of battles.
Future Hiro: More than I like to remember.
Ando: How was it?
Future Hiro: Not nearly as fun...without you.

Angela Petrelli: (allowing Matt to read her thoughts) Are you trying to read my mind again? (speaking out aloud this time) I knew your father when he could do it. Frankly I'm even less impressed with you.
Matt: (not losing his resolve) My father made you give yourself all those scars, didn't he? Did you know when his mind-reading became something more? When push became pull - and then he discovered that...he could put thoughts into...anyone's head?
Angela Petrelli: (realizing that Matt can now manipulate people through his powers) Don't do this...

Angela Petrelli: (tearfully watching a news report of her son's shooting as she speaks on the phone with an unknown person) I know. It was unavoidable. You do know that you've now opened Pandora's Box? (hangs up the phone)

Angela: (to Nathan) Don't let your children hate you. Not if you can help it.

Angela: And to prepare for the future, you have to understand the past. You want the answers? Then you'll have to dig.

Angela: I have socks for you.
Alice: Eh?
Angela: Since that night, whenever I feel lost... whenever I don't know what to do... I steal socks for you. To remind myself there are simple ways to protect the ones we love. You don't ever have to be cold again.

Angela: I'm afraid that unconditional love isn't really love at all.

Angela: I've tried to warn everyone but no one would listen. Why would they? Why should they? I was Cassandra screaming that the sky was falling but when they looked up there wasn't a cloud in sight. Then I did it with lies and with manipulation and betrayal. And it cost me EVERYTHING: My friends, my husband, my boys. But Peter, it's the price I chose to save the world.

Angela: Say goodnight Alice.
Alice: Goodnight Alice

Angela: The truth is that our generation mortgaged our souls to protect yours. Show a little respect for that. Let go of your daddy issues and let us be!

Angela: You don't screw with time.

Angela: You killed your brother, drove Heidi away, drove your kids away. If you'd followed our plan, if you'd done what you were supposed to do, he would be alive now.
Nathan: To think I almost listened to you. You're evil, ma. Get out.

Arthur: It's Coming

Arthur: The bad guys are here.

Arthur: You don't have your abilities anymore, Peter...because I have them now.