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[Opening voiceover.]
Mohinder: Where does it come from? This quest, this need to solve life's mysteries when the simplest of questions can never be answered. Why are we here? What is the soul? Why do we dream? Perhaps we'd be better off not looking at all. Not delving, not yearning. That's not human nature. Not the human heart. That is not why we are here.

Mohinder: Man is a narcissistic species by nature. We have colonized the four corners of our tiny planet. But we are not the pinnacle of so-called evolution. That honor belongs to the lowly cockroach. Capable of living for months without food. Remaining alive headless for weeks at a time. Resistant to radiation. If God has indeed created Himself in His own image, then I submit to you that God is a cockroach.

[Translated from Japanese.]
Hiro: My clock. I made it go back one second using only my mind, my thoughts.
Ando: Too bad you're not paid by the hour.

[Translated from Japanese.]
Hiro: I have discovered powers beyond any mere mortal.
Ando: Right. You and Spock.
Hiro: Yes. Like Spock. Exactly.
[Hiro's boss suddenly grabs him by the neck and drags him back to his desk.]
Ando: Use your death grip, Spock! The death grip!

Hiro: You don't understand, I want to be special.
Ando: We are not special. We are Japanese!

[Peter encounters Mohinder, who is driving a cab.]
Mohinder: Some individuals, it is true, are more special. This is natural selection. It begins as a single individual born or hatched like every other member of their species. Anonymous. Seemingly ordinary. Except they're not. They carry inside them the genetic code that will take their species to the next evolutionary rung. It's destiny.

[Translated from Japanese.]
Ando: Fine. I'll humor you. Let's say you really do have this power. What do you do with it? Join the circus? No one ever got laid by stopping the second hand of a clock.
Hiro: As I develop my powers, I'll learn to bend space, too. Then I can teleport myself anywhere on the planet.
Ando: Like Star Trek.
Hiro: Every hero must learn his purpose. Then he'll be tested and called to greatness.
Ando: I think I need a stiff drink! "Beam us up, Scotty".

[Translated from Japanese.]
Ando: Tell me one useful thing you could do with this power. Can you make money?
Hiro: A super hero doesn't use his power for personal gain.
Ando: Then what good is it? Can you teleport yourself into the women's bathroom? Now, there's something useful. You won't learn your "purpose" in there, but you might learn something about life.

[Translated from Japanese.]
Hiro: (cheerfully) I did it! I teleported in to the women's bathroom!
Ando: Then you're a pervert!

Peter: It happened two more times. Look, sometimes I'm falling, sometimes I'm flying - sometimes you're in them!
Nathan: I don't have time for this now.
Peter: They're not just dreams, Nathan.
Nathan: Hold this.
Peter: I thought they'd go away, but they're not!
Nathan: Jim, I need this back by six, please. Thanks.
Peter: This morning, when I got out of bed, my foot hovered before it hit the ground - hovered!
Nathan: [to assistant]: Let me see the list
Peter: For a split second, like I was - like I was floating! I'm telling you, I-I think I can fly!
Nathan:[hands clipboard to assistant]: These all undecideds?:[to Peter]:Tell you what, you think you can fly? Why don't you jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, see what happens.
Peter: Maybe, I ought to start with something a little lower, first, just like learning to walk.
Nathan: You're serious?
Peter: Oh, I'm serious.

Peter: You didn't hear anything that I said earlier today, did you?
Nathan: About that bit how you can fly. Yeah I did. I'm gonna pretend for both our sakes you didn't say anything like that.

Sandra: So, what about you, Claire? Do anything special today?
Claire: I walked through fire and I didn't get burned.

Mohinder: This quest. This need to solve life's mysteries. In the end, what does it matter when the human heart can only find meaning in the smallest of moments? They're here. Among us. In the shadows. In the light. Everywhere. Do they even know yet?

Peter: I've been up here all night. Thinking about this. Thinking about my destiny.
Nathan: What you doing, Pete?
Peter: It's my turn to be somebody now, Nathan!
Nathan: Come on, Peter. Quit screwing around

Nathan:[has just flown up and caught his brother in mid-air]: Peter!
Peter:[shocked]: You're flying Nathan! You're flying! How did you...
Nathan: I don't know.:[Peter slips from his grasp and falls]: No! No!