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Adam: (marks a picture of Victoria with the double helix in his blood.) If anyone survives, I'll tell them I couldn't have done it without you.

Adam: (Yelling) Let me out! Carp, Let me out! Carp! Let me out!

Adam: Wars, famine, disease. 400 years later, nothing has changed. When God wasn't happy with what he created, he made it rain for 40 days and 40 nights. He just washed it all away. He had the right idea, because when this virus is released, those of us who are left will be granted a second chance. And I'll be their hero.

Adam: You know, it's been a month. You still haven't told me your name.
Peter: Please, I just wanna be left alone.
Adam: You came to the right place. I have to warn you though, it does get a bit old. Let me guess, you were living a perfectly ordinary life until one day you discovered you could do incredible things. I bet it was wonderful at first. You thought perhaps you could save the world. And then you realized, tragically, that you were dangerous. I'll let you talk to me after a decade. Oh, actually, talk to me after three.
Peter: If they wanna leave me in here forever that's fine by me.
Adam: You've been through something awful haven't you? I'm sorry.
Peter: I'm Peter.
Adam: Hello, Peter. It's nice to meet you. I'm Adam.

Ando: (In Japanese) Hiro? Where have you been?
Hiro: (In Japanese) I went to face my father's killer.
Ando: (In Japanese) Well, did you find him? (Hiro nods) Did you kill him?
Hiro: (In Japanese) He can never hurt anyone ever again.
(In Aoyama Cemetery, Adam is trapped in a coffin underground, with a layer of concrete on top)

Angela Petrelli: (allowing Matt to read her thoughts) Are you trying to read my mind again? (speaking out aloud this time) I knew your father when he could do it. Frankly I'm even less impressed with you.
Matt: (not losing his resolve) My father made you give yourself all those scars, didn't he? Did you know when his mind-reading became something more? When push became pull - and then he discovered that...he could put thoughts into...anyone's head?
Angela Petrelli: (realizing that Matt can now manipulate people through his powers) Don't do this...

Angela Petrelli: (tearfully watching a news report of her son's shooting as she speaks on the phone with an unknown person) I know. It was unavoidable. You do know that you've now opened Pandora's Box? (hangs up the phone)

Angela: (to Nathan) Don't let your children hate you. Not if you can help it.

Angela: The truth is that our generation mortgaged our souls to protect yours. Show a little respect for that. Let go of your daddy issues and let us be!

Angela: You killed your brother, drove Heidi away, drove your kids away. If you'd followed our plan, if you'd done what you were supposed to do, he would be alive now.
Nathan: To think I almost listened to you. You're evil, ma. Get out.

Bob: As I said before, you're safe here. But your brother is another story. He almost died.
Elle: Because of you, Peter. Hey, it's not like it was your idea to go nuclear and take out half of New York City.

Bob: But right now I'm dealing with someone who is a real danger to us, to everyone. And I'm afraid that in my haste to deal with him I overstepped my bounds.
Mohinder: The file you were holding, Adam Monroe.
Bob: Yes. You're valuable to us, Dr. Suresh. Not just for your blood or your knowledge, but to keep us in line.

Bob: Did ya have to use a full blast on him?
Elle: He can take it.

Bob: Do you realize how much damage you've done by provoking Claire?
Elle: I couldn't help it. She was just so... weepy, and earnest and... who knew she'd turn whistle-blower?
Bob: It's totally unprofessional, not to mention petty. And Claire is not even in your league!
Elle: She isn't working with a gunshot wound.
Bob: You and I both know you have performed well below what you can do. You're benched. No more field assignments.
Elle: How's about if I said I was sorry?
Bob: When I think about all the hard work I've put into raising you...
Elle: Daddy...

Bob: He's not a toy, Elle.
Elle: He could be...