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Faith: Why won't she take Clancy? She got something against the Irish?
Jim: I'm sure she likes the Irish.

Hope: Nobody can see me except for you.
Melinda: It's a gift I have. Can I tell you , you're a little pushy.
Hope: If you were in my position you would be too.

Jason: [to Melinda] Waiting in line is worse than being dead.

Jason: What if she doesn't remember me?
Melinda: I've never given birth but from what I've heard it's not something you forget.

Jim: [seeing a bouncing ball on their stairs] Umm, do you want to explain this?
Melinda: Tomorrow.

Jim: Am I dead?
Melinda: No.
Jim: You never know with you?

Jim: Are we the puppet masters or are we the puppets?

Jim: Don't tell me you see something?
Melinda: No, no.
Jim: Good, cause it would be nice to keep the celebration among the living.

Jim: I feel like I'm living in a John Carpenter film.

Jim: Wait, didn't you say that kid Dylan was playing with him? Well, how could he see him?
Melinda: Kids can almost always see spirits. Where do you think imaginary friends come from?

Jim: Where were you?
Melinda: Oh...I um...
Jim: I figured a hospital that you must be in hog heaven.
Melinda: It's not all it's cracked up to be.

Jim: Will wants to meet Andrea before their date.
Melinda: Meet? Does he know we're talking about a dinner date and not a pre-nuptial agreement.

Julian: [to his son] Find the parents of the man I killed. Don't tell them who you are. Befriend them. Do good things for them. Make their lives easier. Make a difference.

Melinda's Grandma: Do you have any idea how many people I've helped cross over? I'm beginning to feel like a travel agent who's never been on a plane.

Melinda: [about a baby in an incubator] So much sorrow for such a young life. I think what you're doing is great.
Angel: It's a calling, like yours. You're helping someone who's adopted?
Melinda: He wants to find his mother. I'm hoping the hospital records will have her name, maybe an old address.
Angel: Tricky business. Although from what I've learned over the years you can always count on the courts to have adoption records on file. Although getting to see them is another matter.
[Monitor goes flat and the Angel smiles gently.]
Angel: Time for us to go.