Ghost Whisperer quotes

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 Season 1  

Michael: [to Melinda] It's amazing how much you miss somebody you never met.

Jim: Don't tell me you see something?
Melinda: No, no.
Jim: Good, cause it would be nice to keep the celebration among the living.

Melinda: Did we forget to pay the light bill?
Jim: I have a headache, and I crossed two wrong circuit wires in the basement.
Melinda: That's why you're a paramedic and not an electrician.

Andrea: You didn't tell him?
Melinda: Tell him what? That his dead father was dripping wet mud on my living room floor?
Andrea: Point taken.

Andrea: Are you telling me that Village Java is haunted?
Melinda: No, places aren't haunted, people are haunted.

Melinda: I'm glad I have someone looking out for me.
Jim: I'm looking out for me. You punch really hard during those bad dreams.

Melinda: Let me see, two weeks in Bermuda or Andrea's salary?
Andrea: Honeymoons are so overrated.

Michael: Must be great having supernatural powers.
Melinda: Not really.

Melinda: [to Jim] We're in a life business. Death is just a part of it.

Candace: For the first time in my life, I hate being young.

Melinda: Kenny, I need to go talk to your mom, so I need you to stay with Andrea.
Kenny: The blind lady? She's weird.

Faith: Why won't she take Clancy? She got something against the Irish?
Jim: I'm sure she likes the Irish.

Dylan: Hey, Andrea, I've got something for you.
[gives her a rock]
Andrea: You shouldn't have.

Dylan: Kenny, said it was safe.
Melinda: And if Kenny said it was safe to jump in front of a moving truck, you'd do it too?

Jim: Wait, didn't you say that kid Dylan was playing with him? Well, how could he see him?
Melinda: Kids can almost always see spirits. Where do you think imaginary friends come from?