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Abby: Larry, did you eat meat?
Larry: No.
Abby: You ate meat. I can smell it.
Larry: That's my tongue. It's made of meat.

Dharma: He acted this way when I wanted to be a Girl Scout.
Larry: It's a para-military organization with cookies.

Dharma: Honey.. I love you, but bite me.

Greg: It's raining. We're not going to sleep in the rain, are we?
Dharma: No, silly, you don't sleep in the rain. You make love in the rain.
Greg: Ah. What if there's lightning?
Dharma: Then you get to be on top.

Kitty: Look! Look at these! They're awful!
Edward: They're just flowers. Nobody cares.
Kitty: And by "nobody", you mean "you".
Edward: Yes.
Kitty: Well, let me tell you something, Edward. Everybody cares. And by "everybody" I mean "me". I care, Edward. That is my job in this family. I care. I care at every Christmas dinner. I care at every business function. I care everytime that maid puts a meal down in front of you. And for some reason or other, you don't seem to notice.
Edward: All right, all right. Here's the checkbook.
Kitty: Thank you, Thank you, Edward. I will tuck this away in the gaping void that was once my soul.
Edward: Don't lose the pen this time.

Kitty:: Oh, Gregory, darling, every bride thinks she wants to cook a Thanksgiving dinner and it always ends up the same. Someone cries, someone is rushed to the emergency room and a perfectly lovely bird gets wasted. Which, if I don't eat soon, will be me.

Larry: Next thing you know, she'll get a social security number.
Dharma: I got one.
Larry: What? Why?
Dharma: I opened a checking account.
Larry: Are you insane? You're on the grid now. They can find you anywhere.
Greg: Who's "they"?
Larry: You.

[Before Dharma and Greg's wedding]
Dharma: Can you see me?
Greg: Yes.
Dharma: Oh, I totally misunderstood that groom-can't-see-the-bride-in-her-wedding-dress-thing.
[Kitty comes in]
Kitty: What are you doing here? You can't see her in her dress!
Dharma: See, that's what I thought!