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Brad Chase: Uh, I think that's my seat.
Alan Shore: Yes, I did see someone's things here. I moved them to a less desirable location.
[Brad gives him a smirky stare.]
Alan: I'm sorry. We're not territorial about that sort of thing around here, are we?

Denny Crane: [introductions] Denny Crane.
Chicago Partner: I know. I'm from Chicago.
Denny Crane: Oh, my kind of town. Always had the best sex of my life in Chicago. What about you?

Associate: Where the hell is Edwin?
Edwin Poole: [entering the room, wearing no pants] Sorry I'm late, good people.
Alan: Is it casual Monday?

Brad: I outrank you.
Alan: And I'm such a slut for authority.

Alan: I have trouble talking that fast. I don't believe in being straight up, but I'm a big fan of your Aqua Velva commercials.

Alan: You two have had sex!
Brad: We're not territorial about that sort of thing, are we?

Little Orphan Annie's Mom: She's earned this, Mr. Shore.
Alan: I have no doubt. But you realize producers do have discretion in the art of casting - strikes me as a very inexact science.

Al Sharpton: The sun needs to come out today - not tomorrow, your honor. [courtroom explodes in applause] That's what you call a rabbit, son. Denny Crane.

Alan: Christine, you were in love with a man who was unworthy of you, who made you doubt everything you had a right to count on, who perhaps even toyed with your sanity.
Christine: That's still no reason to kill him.
Alan: Perhaps he had it coming.
Christine: Perhaps you did.

Alan: [to Brad] Do you do tongue pushups?

Alan: [to Sally] I haven't kept up with the boyfriend/girlfriend regulations.

Denny: A man died during angioplasty, leaving him dead. Tragic.

Denny: [deposing an attractive plaintiff] In this last year, would you say you've had more or less sex since your husband died?

Alan: [to Lori] I find it difficult to maintain grudges against all those who want to kill me, don't you? Perhaps you'll find that witty comeback in your office.

Alan: I demand only one thing in a relationship, Christine, that I remain utterly alone.