8 Simple Rules quotes

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Kerry: (trying to get people to adopt a dog) Make it a real Christmas. Take home a homeless animal...(scoffs at the person walking away) Idiot.

Kerry: Don't mess with the middle child!

Kerry: He thinks of me as some sort of virgin spinster, like Miss Havisham.(Bridget has a confused look on her face) Great Expectations...? (Bridget's still confused) Charles Dickens...? (Bridget's still confused) A book...?

Kerry: Yes, she is!

Kyle: (answering cell phone) Wassup my brotha from anotha motha?

Paul: (after overhearing Bridget and Kyle talking about what he thinks is them having sex) Aha! Get away from- (sees they were talking about cinnamon buns) those cinnamon buns. They're fattening.

Paul: Bridget, wipe your feet and take off the boy.

Paul: Come on Cate, dance with me.
Cate: Oh, no, I'm not going to embarrass my daughter.
Paul: Fine, I'll dance by myself.

Paul: Does everyone have a cell phone? How much am I paying for these?
Bridget: Dad, you get the phones for free.

Paul: I do care, Kerry and I'll care even more when the game is over!

Paul: I have one question for you. Are you gay?
Kyle: No
Paul: Wrong answer.

Paul: Mom also said I was ready for fatherhood.

Paul: Off you go.

Paul: So Rory, what do you like most about James Bond?
Rory: Hmm...I like that he has a license to kill.
Paul: (hears car horn) Me too.

Paul: This seems awfully familair.