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Adebisi: (while signing up for conjecal visits, he hears that wheelchair-bound Hill never knows when he has an erection) You don't know if you're hard?
Hill: I got no sensation down there, so I don't know when I'm hard, I don't know when I cum. My wife's gotta tell me.
Adebisi: You don't know if you're hard? You don't know if you've cum? You don't get any pleasure at all? What the fuck are you doing it for?
Hill: For her.

Adebisi: I know you have come here to destroy me.
Said: No, Simon. I want to help you change.
Adebisi: That is what would destroy me. I am what I am just as you are and I do what I do, just as you must.
Said: Does this mean you're going to kill me?
Adebisi: Kill you? I wanna kiss you, because I admire you more than I desire you.

Adebisi: We are, all of us, bad men. That's what we have in common.

Andrew: My whole life, crammed into my head, how superior we white folks are. I don't see the truth in that. I look around this room, and all I see are white faces, black faces, every color in between, and the only thing I know for sure is that we are all shit. Shit don't come in degrees. White or black, shit is shit. So fuck everything you believe, fuck everything you stand for, and fuck you!
Schillinger: (slaps Andrew) Don't you talk to me like that!
Andrew: Old man, you hit me way too many times growing up! (attacks Schillinger)

Alvarez: Father, where was God when my son died?
Mukada: Same place He was when His own son died.

Adebisi: I have everything. Everything I need. Every love satisfied. But it's not enough.

Alvarez: El Cid, it's an honor, man.
El Cid: Tu es Latino?
Alvarez: Si.
El Cid: You're lying to me, man. You're too fucking white to be Latino. Get the fuck out of my face.

Adebisi: Sometimes its good to be Human.

Adebisi: I don't like Jamaicans.
Pancamo: You don't like anybody.

Arif: The Aryans must be punished. We will NO LONGER tolerate their actions! From now on each and every one if us is on point!
[cut to Aryans]

Alvarez: I am so tired. Tired of the lies, the hope, the emptiness, the fear, the death. I am so fucking tired.

Adebisi: Little Nino, when you say things like that, it hurts. I just wanna be friends.
Peter Schibetta: Friends, huh? Okay, pal-o-mine, how's about you go into the kitchen and get me a chocolate bar?

Arif: You were right Imam, Allah has punished him for his sins.
[to Robson]
Arif: Hey, how's the mouth?
Season Six

Alvarez: They say the eyes are the windows to the soul.
Officer Rivera: The fuck you talking about?
Alvarez: Nice to see you.

Alvarez: (about to slit his own throat) Say a prayer for me, father.