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Augustus Hill: Remember when your High School History teacher said "The course of human events changes because of the deeds of great men"?. Well the bitch was lying. Fuck Caesar, fuck Lincoln, fuck Mahatma Gandhi. The world keeps turning because of me and you: the anonymous. Revolutions start because people don't have enough bread. Wars start over a game of Checkers.

Beecher: Hill, you think I'm insane, right?
Hill: Shit, yeah.

Beecher: I don't want to love him, but I do.

Beecher: I gotta pray; pray that God shows me the way to fuck Schillinger!

Beecher: I know you're gonna think this is bullshit. But I feel very badly about my part in Andy's death. Losing a kid, there's nothing worse. And I want to make it up to you.
Schillinger: How? How can you ever make it up to me?
Beecher: You have another son. You don't know where he is. Through my partners at my old law office, I could find him.
Schillinger: And that's supposed to even the score? Make everything okay?
Beecher: It's a start.
Schillinger: Beecher, you're crazier than I thought. There's only one way things will ever be alright between us. You DEAD!

Beecher: I love you.
Keller: I love you, Toby. (they kiss)

Beecher: I was raised Episcopalian, which means we thought about God an hour once a week. But you, you think about Him all the time.
Said: Yes.
Beecher: Why?
Said: I want to know Him.
Beecher: Me too. I want to know God, and I want Him to know me. I want Him to know that I'm still here. That I'm still stuck in this place.
Said: He knows.

Beecher: If you really love me, then leave me alone.

Beecher: It's funny, I can't cry. I don't have any tears left.

Beecher: Rats in the garden, catch'em Tauser, cows in the cornfield, run boys run, cats in the creampot, stop her now, sir! Fire on the mountain, run boys run!

Beecher: Thank God I'm crazy, 'cause I don't give a shit!

Beecher: Who are you?
Busmalis: Agamemnon Busmalis, a.k.a. 'The Mole'.
Rebadow: The Mole?
Busmalis: I dig. I can dig anywhere. I'm gonna dig my way out of Oz.

Beecher: You got any tattoos?
Andrew: Yeah, a couple. (removes his shirt to reveal a few tattoos)
Beecher: Very nice.
Andrew: How about you?
Beecher: I got one.
Andrew: Yeah? Let me see it.
Beecher: Someday. We don't know each other that well yet.

Beecher:I hated Myself so I drank too much.And I hated Myself for drinking too much so to punish Myself I drank more.Sister...I don't wanna hate Me any more

Beecher:Reading Mein Kampf? Let me tell you how it ends. The Aryans get their asses kicked!