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Arif: You were right Imam, Allah has punished him for his sins.
[to Robson]
Arif: Hey, how's the mouth?
Season Six

Chris Keller: Show me your tits.
Sister Pete: Don't do that.
Chris Keller: Sorry.

Keller: Do you think Jesus was a fag?
Sister Peter Marie: What?
Keller: Do you think Jesus was a fag? It's a legitimate question.
Sister Peter Marie: Are you trying to provoke me? Mock my religion?
Keller: Nope, just looking for a role model. Jesus was divine and human simultaneously, right?
[Sister nods]
Keller: Did the divine part control his sexual appetites? And if so, what chance have I got? I'm not divine, far from it, and I mean all my life anytime I've gotten the urge... I've stuck my cock into any cavity that was open and available.

McManus: I'm sorry Rebadow, it's your word against his. The word of a correctional officer against the word of an inmate... who is known to talk to God.

Timmy Kirk: I want to become a Roman Catholic again.
Father Ray Mukada: No.
Timmy Kirk: What? You can't refuse me!
Father Ray Mukada: I sure as hell can.

Timmy Kirk: If you're not part of the solution, you're Satan's tool.

Winthrope: How the mighty hath fallen.
Guenzel: Fuck you faggot.
Schillinger: GUENZEL!
Guenzel: Oh, hi Vern. Your buddies in Emerald City send their regards.
Schillinger: SHUT UP!
Guenzel: But I was just.... [gets bitch-slapped]
Schillinger: Speak when you're spoken to!
[The Aryans drag Guenzel into a broom closet]
Winthrope: Sir. May I watch?
Schillinger: If you don't, how will you ever learn. .

Yood: Don't take any wooden nickels.