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Alvarez: I am so tired. Tired of the lies, the hope, the emptiness, the fear, the death. I am so fucking tired.

Beecher: If you really love me, then leave me alone.

Cyril: (As He is in the Electric Chair and the Hood is pulled over His Face)Mom what happening? What are They doing? Ryan? Ryan!

Guerra: Marriage ain't marriage without sex.

Hill: A man stands in a cemetery, reading a letter he wrote forgiving his long dead father. The mother of a girl killed by a drunk driver is racked by fantasies of retaliation. Your boyfriend begs you for one more chance. You say to the mirror you're done hating yourself. But you know you're not. Maybe instead of forgive and forget, it should be forgive and remember. Remember that you might have to wake up tomorrow and forgive all over again. And again,and again, the way your heart keeps beating like a drum. Forgive. I can't. You can. Forgive. Forgive. I can't. You can. Forgive.

Hill: Forget about having too much garbage, too many bottles, cans, watermelon rinds, disposable baby diapers and such. What's really terrifying in terms of the long term health of the planet is toxic waste. Toxic waste, you can't put two worse words together except maybe (pause) nuclear war.

Idzik: So don't you see? Everything that we do, the plans we make, the hopes we have, they're futile. Being good at a job, which I was, building a home, which I did, raising a family...which I had, none of it means anything because no matter how we try, how much we strive and struggle, it'll all come to naught. Life is a waste of time. So, that's why I'm counting on you to kill me. You will, won't you?

Keller: I concocted this whole god damned thing just to convince you that I'm on the up and up. Now, if I was really siding with Schillinger, Toby, you'd be dead already. But instead...all I really want...is for you to love me again. (Forces a kiss on Beecher)

Keller: I couldn't face living the rest of my life in here without you. Don't you see? I did what I did out of love.
Beecher: I loved alcohol. I loved heroin. But I had to put them behind me because they were poison. Death. You... are death. Let me live.

McManus: All I know is that the move is temporary. We'll be back someday.

O'Reily: Hey Chucky, you've got a minute?
Pancamo: For you O'Reily, I've got only 28 seconds. But the way you double-talk, it should be plenty.

Peter Schibetta: Hi, Chuckie. What do you want to talk about?
Pancamo: Oh, this and that. Life and death. My life...
[draws a shank].......and YOUR DEATH! [kills Schibetta]

Schillinger: But Beecher knows too much about both of us. He's gotta die.
Keller: Yeah.
Schillinger: I'll deal with it.
Keller: No, I'll kill Beecher.
Schillinger: You?
Keller: Before I whack him, I just wanna fuck him in the ass one more time.

Schillinger: You're dead, sweetpea.
Schillinger: (realizing Keller switched the shanks) That cocksucker!

Torquemada: I don't want to fuck you. That would be too common. I want to be you, Miguel Alvarez.