[Silas meets the returning character of PTO Pam in his community service]
Silas Botwin: Mrs. Gruber?
Pam Gruber: Silas!
Pam Gruber: Did you know that if you drink and take Ambien, you can randomly blackout and run your car onto a boulder?
Pam Gruber: [points to a fellow community service worker] Who's that cute Latino guy?
Pam Gruber: [when Silas ignores her] It's so hot! Why don't you take your shirt off?
Silas Botwin: I'm fine.
Pam Gruber: You have nothing to be ashamed of, you're...you're young and lean like ostrich meat.
Silas Botwin: Have you been drinking, Mrs. Gruber?
Pam Gruber: Don't tell! Anyway, it isn't illegal unless you're behind the wheel of a car, is it?
Silas Botwin: I guess not!
Pam Gruber: [suddenly leans up to Silas and whispers in his ear] I'm wet!
[Silas goes back to work with a bewildered look]

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