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Bobby: Here we go!
Lindsay: Don't “here we go” me! If you “here we go” me one more time I am going to scream, okay? Do you hear me?
Bobby: Listen to yourself!
Lindsay: Ooh, and I hate that one too. Listen to yourself. “Here we go” and “Listen to yourself”. If you ever say those in our marriage, I will scream!! Okay? It's good to know these things before we become husband and wife. You know, this is very, very healthy!
[Lindsay storms out.]
Lucy:[to Bobby, smiling]Well. It's nice to know you can make her scream.

Bobby: If I don't give the closing of my life tomorrow, a 17-year old girl loses hers.

Bobby: Still, if we can get that judge off this case.
Lindsay: What are you thinking?
Bobby: I'm thinking that if that judge slept with a woman in Pearson's firm, that is a card. And it's not beneath me to play it.

Bobby: Waive reading, your honor. Plead not guilty.
Judge: Bail?
Bobby: Your honor, Dr. Braun cannot be considered a flight risk, Judge. He's a health risk, goes about shooting people in the head.

Bobby: You think it's tough defending the guilty, Lindsay? Try the innocent... it's terrifying.

Bobby: Your honor. I now will be asking you to recuse yourself given my client's attack on your safety.
Judge: I am not recusing myself, counsel. I'm sure your client is very distraught and I promise to be understanding. I'll consider myself misunderstood.

Dr. Braun: You come into this room, wearing your Yarmulke, to send a message to that jury that you condemn me as a Jew. :Silverman: No, Dr. Braun. I condemn you as a murderer.
Season 2

Dr. Gerald Braun: But I'm not a victim anymore. I'm not. I shot him. I shot him and I watched his neck explode. And then I heard him gurgle. And it was joyous. He suffered, and I thank God above he had time to know why he was dying. Today I'm at peace.

Eugene: Do you think it's unreasonable for a black man in South Boston to be nervous about two policemen pulling up and illuminating him like a deer caught in their headlights?
Police Officer: I don't think he had any reason to be nervous if he were innocent.
Eugene: [sarcastically] Silly me.

Eugene: The general description you were talking about, that would head? :Police Officer: Yes.
Eugene: Did you or your partner approximate the circumference of my client's cranium?

Eugene: Then there's the smell.
Pearson: Beg pardon?
Eugene: Well, the jury takes a whiff of this, a whiff of that, gets kind of a hunch for the truth. They're going to smell your client, smell ours, smell you, smell me. Kind of like scratch and sniff litigation.

Judge: Something tells me I'm going to wake up tomorrow morning feeling sick about this, but for now, I'm going to accept Ms. McGuire's recommendation, conditioned on marriage counseling to begin immediately.
[Melanie slightly groans.]
Judge: You may not like it, young lady, but believe it or not, fourteen-year-olds still have things to learn.
Melanie: I'm not groaning about that, your honor. I think my water just broke.
Judge: Adjourned. Go, go, go, go!

Judge: You threatened to break his kneecaps?
Eugene: Not break...dislocate.
Judge: Right in front of his lawyer?
Eugene: Well, it would have been unethical for me to do it outside of counsel.

Leonard Goode: If Gerald Braun came to you before, and said, "Oh, by the way, I'm going to kill Ronald Martin", I hardly think you'd give him your moral blessing.
Rabbi Winter: Well, you would be wrong, Mr. Goode. Because Dr. Braun did come to me, and I did give him my blessing.

Lindsay: What am I, a pineapple?
Season 4