Prison Break quotes

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 Season 1  

Tattooist: Most guys, you know, for the first time, they start with something small-- mom, girlfriend's initials, something like that. Not you. You got a full set of sleeves, all in a couple of months. Takes guys a few years to get the ink you got.
Michael: I don't have a few years.

Michael: [referring to the vault] I'm not playing games. Open it.
Bank clerk: Sir, you have a half a million dollars cash in your bag, don't you think it would be better... [Sound of police sirens gets louder]
[Michael fires his gun at the ceiling]

Judge: Rarely in a case of armed robbery do we hear a plea of no contest. Are you sure about this, Mr. Scofield?
Michael: I'm sure, Your Honor.

Judge: Given your lack of prior criminal conduct, I am inclined to a probation. However, the fact that you discharged a deadly weapon during the commission of the crime suggests malice to me. For that reason, I find it incumbent that you see the inside of a prison cell, Mr. Scofield.

Judge: The closest level one facility would be Fox River State Penitentiary. As for the term of your sentence, I'm setting it at five years. You'll be eligible for parole in half that time. Sentence to be carried out immediately.

Michael: [to Lincoln] I'm not here on vacation, trust me.

Michael: Maybe you ought to hear what I've got to say.
Abruzzi: You got nothing I need.
Michael: Wouldn't be too sure of that. [places a bird, made by folding paper, on the table]
Abruzzi: My mistake--just what I need--a duck.

Abruzzi: [to Michael] Kudos, Fish. You've got spine.

Lisa: [referring to Lincoln's son, LJ] I figured he could use some fatherly advice before he's...
Lincoln: Gone forever?
Lisa: I didn't mean that.
Lincoln: I know you didn't.

Kellerman: You have a habit of answering a question with a question.
Bishop McMorrow: And you have a way of asking questions that beg more questions.

Veronica: [referring to Lincoln] I loved him as much as you did.
Michael: Past tense for you maybe, not me.

Veronica: The evidence was there.
Michael: The evidence was cooked.

Michael: Find out who is trying to bury him

L.J.: I don't have a father.
Lisa: It wasn't an immaculate conception, honey, trust me.

Pope: I can't help wondering what someone with your credentials is doing in a place like this.
Michael: Took a wrong turn a few months back, I guess.
Pope: You make it sound like a traffic accident.