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"All American Salute to the Last Indian" co-host (Paul F. Tompkins): The rap group, The Fuck-ups.

"Coupon: The Movie" trial witness (Paul F. Tompkins): It was a baaaaabyyyyyyy!!!

"Coupon: The Movie" viewer (David): I saw the shit out of it!
Season 3 (Sept. - Dec. 1997)

"Go-to" guy (Jay Johnston): Hey mom, could you pass the gravy?
"Go-to" guy's mom (unknown): That wasn't part of the deal!

"Grass Valley" Greg Sniper (David): All these goats are retarded.

"Grass Valley" Greg Sniper (David): Goats are the only animals with an innate sense of democracy. That's why they're called "Nature's President".

"Grass Valley" Greg Sniper (David): Nuh uh, I'm not talking rain clouds on a sunny day.

"Grass Valley" Greg Sniper (David): Tofutti break!!

"Grass Valley" Greg Sniper (David): Tofutti...awaits...the greats...that make...mistaaaakes...To-FUTTI time!

"Grass Valley" Greg Sniper (David): Where ideas can hang out - and do whatever!

"Grass Valley" Greg Sniper (David): Work Is Play! Tofutti Break Today!

"Hell in a Handbasket" soldier (David): You are a dying asshole.

"Last Indian" piece narrator (Tom Kenny): I fuckin' saw God, Jack. And I laughed in his fuckin' face!

"The Limits of Science" educational film narrator (Bob): All facts start as dreams dreamt by a wizard.

Abraham Lincoln (Tom Kenny): Lunacy! How will we ever get it down?