[Entering his store, Harold receives a call on his cell phone]
Harold Gumbal: [answering] Yes?
Eddie Dial: [on the phone] How's it going, Harold?
Harold Gumbal: I'm in, I'm doing it.
Eddie Dial: Friendly reminder: don't be a hero. When we hear a police siren, Peggy's dead.
Harold Gumbal: Is she okay? Can I talk to her?
Eddie Dial: Just hurry up!
Harold Gumbal: No let me just talk to her! [Dial hangs up] Hello? [As Dial and his partner Vic Blanchard wait patiently in their Ford Taurus parked out front, Harold unlocks his safe and fills two bags with his most valuable inventory, including emptyig a safe. When he's done, he leaves the store and carries the jewels out to the car]
Vic Blanchard: Backseat. [Harold hands the jewels to Blanchard, sitting in the backseat with the dog]
Harold Gumbal: Let her go! You said you would! [Blanchard hands the dog through the window to Harold]
Vic Blanchard: Pleasure doin' business with you. Thanks for the car, Harold.
Harold Gumbal: [to Peggy] Come here, Peggy. [The mall security guard notices them]
Security Guard: Harold! Everything all right?
Harold Gumbal: Paul? Everything's okay, I'm all right, no problem! [The guard notices that Blanchard and Dial are wearing ski masks]
Security Guard: Get out of the car! Both of you! [draws his gun] Do it! [Dial takes his hands off the steering wheel. After a few moments, Blanchard opens his door]
Vic Blanchard: Okay! [takes off his mask] Happy Halloween, man. Just relax. [Blanchard draws his revolver and shoots the guard dead with three shots at long range]
Eddie Dial: What did you do?!
Vic Blanchard: No choice! They want me.
Eddie Dial: We could've just driven off! Get in the car! [Blanchard gets back into the car and closes the door]
Harold Gumbal: [cowering and shielding Peggy] I didn't see any car! I didn't see your face! Neither did Peggy!
Vic Blanchard: I'm not done. [Draws his revolver and points it at Harold]
Harold Gumbal: No! [Blanchard shoots Harold in the chest, and he falls to the ground. Peggy runs off]

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