[riding up to meet Dale the Whale for the first time]
Sharona Fleming: Dale Biederbeck?
Adrian Monk: They call him Dale the Whale.
Sharona Fleming: I never heard of him.
Captain Stottlemeyer: He spends a fortune every year making sure nobody ever hears of him. He buys newspapers just to keep his name out of them. [they get off the elevator, their movements monitored by a camera] All right, I want everybody to be careful in there. This guy is smart. He's gonna try to bait you. Assume you're being videotaped. Do not accuse him of anything. Now, Monk, I don't have to remind you that this bastard's got deep pockets, and he's got a platoon of lawyers and he loves to use them.
Sharona: You met him? What happened? [They are interrupted by Dr. Vezza's arrival]

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