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"Henry Gale": [to Hurley on the fate of Jack, Kate and Sawyer] Your friends are coming home with us.

"Henry Gale": What do you want?!
Sayid: [punches "Henry"] I WANT YOU TO TELL ME THE TRUTH!

"Henry Gale"Men reject their prophets and slay them, but they love their martyrs and honor those whom they have slain. [to Jack] So what's the difference between a martyr and a prophet?"
Jack: "Either way, it sounds like you end up dead."

Abbadon: Mr Reyes. Hello. My name is Matthew Abaddon. I'm an attorney for Oceanic Airlines. Can we talk for a few minutes?
Hurley: Ok.
Abbadon: I'm here, Mr Reyes, because we heard about your recent (pauses) episode. Your arrest. Your incarceration here. Frankly we feel terrible about it. So, on behalf of Oceanic, I'd like to extend you an invitation for a little upgrade.
Hurley: What kind of upgrade?
Abbadon: To a facility where the paint isn't peeling off the walls. Where you'd have your own bathroom. You could see the ocean from there...
Hurley: I don't wanna see the ocean.
Abbadon: No problem.
Hurley: Actually thanks, I'm, I'm fine right here.
Abbadon: Are you fine Mr Reyes?
Hurley: What do you mean?
Abbadon: You're in a mental institution.
Hurley: Who'd you say you were again? I'd like to see a business card.
Abbadon: (Abaddon reaches into his pocket, and presents nothing)I must have left them at home.
Hurley: Then we're done, dude. (Hurley gets up)
Abbadon: Are they still alive?
Hurley: (Pauses) What?
Abbadon: You heard me.
Hurley: Nurse. Nurse! Get out of here! You better get out of here! Help me. Help me, he's after me. No no no. That guy's after me. Help me. (Hurley looks over at Abbadon and he leaves)

Adam: [On Stephen King's Carrie] It's not even literature, it's popcorn
Amelia: And why isn't it literature, Adam, I'm dying to know?
Adam: There's no metaphor. It's by-the-number religious hokem-pokem.
Amelia: No metaphor?
Adam: It's science fiction. Now I know why Ben isn't here.
Juliet: Excuse me?
Adam: I know the host picks the book but seriously, Julie, he wouldn't read this in the damn bathroom.
Juliet: Well, Adam, I am the host and I do pick the book, and this is my favorite book. So I am absolutely thrilled that you can't stand it.
[Amelia grins]
Juliet: Silly me for sinking so low as to select something that Ben wouldn't like. Here I am thinking that free will still actually exists on this...
[The room begins to shake violently]

Ana Lucia: Are you going to try to convince me that everyone here doesn't hate me?
Jack: Only if you try to convince me that every woman in the world isn't crazy.

Ana Lucia: You've been waiting 40 days to talk?
Mr. Eko: You waited 40 days to cry.

Ana-Lucia [sitting below the balloon]: Why isn't it raining here?

Ana-Lucia: [Upon hearing the Whispers after Cindy is abducted by The Others] RUN!!!!.

Ana-Lucia: Sayid, can I talk to you?
Sayid: Of course.
Ana-Lucia: Alone?
Sayid: Whatever you need to say, you can say it here.
Ana-Lucia: It's about the hatch.
Charlie: Oh, you mean the guy locked in the closet there?

Ana-Lucia: You do what I tell you. When I say, "move" you move. When I say "stop" you stop. When I say "jump", what do you say?
Sawyer: You first.

Anna Lucia: [to Sayid] People don't like me. [Pauses] I tried to get them to, most of my life.[Pauses] I guess I just, gave up a while back. I mean, I am what I am. But you, you've got a good reason to hate me. [Pauses] I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I did.

Anthony Cooper: I killed myself off because there are two men out there who were going to beat me to it.
Locke: Oh, what did you do, steal their livers?

Anthony Cooper: I'm a con man, not a murderer.

Arzt: Did you hear about the guy who invented nitroglycerin? Probably not because he blew his freakin' face off! Nitroglycerin is the most unstable substance known to man. It is extremely temperamental so you have to be..
[Arzt unexpectedly explodes]
Hurley: Dude...