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Delinda: You know, don't you?
Mary: I just want to know everything.
Delinda: I wanted to tell you, but then Derek showed up and things just got out of hand.
Mary: Got out of hand?! Is that how you explain what's been going on?
Delinda: Look, I'm sorry --
Mary: Delinda, I don't want to talk about this.

Delinda: You like someone.
Sam: No I don't. [pause] You just worry about Asad. I'll worry about not liking someone.

Derek: Danny, you got a minute?
Danny: Yeah, what's up?
Derek: Well, I just found out some of my colleagues aren't going to be able to make the wedding tomorrow.
Danny: I'm sorry to hear that.
Derek: Yeah, well one of them was supposed to be my best man, and I would like you to step in.
Danny: Excuse me?
Derek: Be my best man!
Danny: I don't know.
Derek: You are the one who convinced me to marry Delinda, and you guys are such great friends. Come on!
Danny: Getting married was not my idea, Derek.
Derek: You are so modest. I guess that's why Delinda likes you. She's like 'Danny, Danny, Danny.' It's all she ever talks about.

Ed Deline: Danny, welcome to the family.
Danny: Excuse me, what?
Ed: If I catch you looking at another girl, take a poison pill, because I'll kill ya.

Ed Deline: Do you know how many laws you just broke?
Danny McCoy: I don't care. I only care about is getting Delinda back.
Ed: I'm just saying, I like the attitude. You just bought us some time. It'll force them to plan B.
Danny: What about our plan?
Ed: Our plan? Get my daughter back and kill them all.

Ed Deline: She dumped you.
Danny McCoy: Like yesterday's newspaper.

Ed Deline: When was the last time you had a vacation?
Sam Marquez: I don't know. Clinton was in office.

Ed: [speaking of Delinda and Danny] Is something going on between you two?
Delinda: No! No. No, Danny's just -- he's just been feeling a little left out. You know, you've been spending a lot of time with Derek.
Ed: Well, I mean, that's because he's about to become my son in law.
Delinda: No, I know. Just spend a little time with Danny, too. You're like a father to him.
Season 4

Ed: Cominski. Cominski, Marie. Shoplifting, conviction. Check forgery, conviction. Mail fraud. Now you add to this misappropriation.
Sam Marquez: Stealing from your husband.
Ed: Who you adore. Or I can make your life miserable.
Sam: He will.
Ed: Very miserable.

Ed: Trudy and I were wondering what your intentions might be.
Delinda Deline: My intentions, Daddy?
Ed: Well, you know, Danny --
Delinda: I thought I'd have as much sex with him and his cute little butt as possible, then when I get bored, dump him.
Ed: That's cute. That's really funny.

Green Phantom: Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Green Phantom!
Delinda Deline: Actually, you're costume is wrong.
Green Phantom: What?
Delinda Deline: Your mask should be less Batman and more Zorro. Your cape's too long and your boots are all wrong, and hike up your pants for God's sake! You're supposed to be a super hero!

Jillian Deline: What's going on?
Delinda Deline: I've been trying to tell everyone.
Jillian: Are you in love with Danny? [watches as her daughter nods] Oh, honey.

Mary Connell: Did you get them back?
Sam: The front desk is going to let them freak out for a few minutes and then blame it on the computer.
Mary: You're bad!
Sam: I know!

Mary Connell: Is that the infamous Paul Logan I see at BlackJack 22?
Sam Marquez: Yep.
Mary Connell: He seems so --
Sam Marquez: Stupid?
Mary Connell: I was going to say sophisticated.
Sam Marquez: That's not sophisticated, it's British. Don't get confused.

Mary Connell: That's sweet.
Sam Marquez: Yeah, sweet. He's up on us by over a million dollars. Why are you still such a hopeless romantic? You're weird.
Mary Connell: You're weird! And another thing, Lipworth is spending a lot more than a mil on this wedding. So while your commission might be affected by the fact that he stopped playing, the Montecito will still come out way ahead, which is all I care about!
Sam Marquez: Pretty sassy there sassafrass.
Mary Connell: Is it too much?
Sam Marquez: I like it.
Mary Connell: I'm still working on it.