[At the JFK passenger terminal, Barney and Quinn are asked about the luggage]
Barney: It's mine. Did you have to replace the luggage too?
Quinn: By the time we land again you'll be wearing hot pink stilettos.
Security Officer: [sees box in bag] What's that?
Quinn: Yeah, what is that?
Barney: It's a magic box. You see, I'm something of a magician.
Security Officer: Open the box, sir.
Barney: [laughs] I can't do that. [K9 barks]
Security Officer #2: Sir, are there drugs in that box?
Barney: Oh no, he's probably barking because of the explosives. [officers draw firearms]
Quinn: Oh my God.
Security Officer: Tell us what's in the box right now!
Barney: I can't. Magician's Code.

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