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Blair: At least I could have gotten a more interesting stand-in than James. You know how hard it is to find a good fake boyfriend on short notice?

Blair: Damn that mother Chucker! He's totally right! I don't even like James!
Serena: Thank you. I was totally waiting for that.

Blair: Duchess? I'm so sorry, for what I said about the botox. Your work is flawless.

Blair: I know you're here with Chuck, and I can only imagine what he said about me. Limo sex, social torture, freshmen, blackmail. But I assure you, there's an explanation for all of it.
Catherine: Save your breath, Blair. Chuck didn't tell me a thing.
Blair: He didn't.
Catherine: I told him it didn't make any difference to me, because ... despite your best efforts, which are completely transparent, by the way, Marcus will never end up with a lowly Waldorf.

Blair: I would be in my cabana at the Hotel du Cap, and there he would be. Amid all the fireworks on Bastille Day, all I could see was that... Chuck Bass-tard!

Blair: Is something wrong?
James: You're just using me to make that guy jealous.
Blair: I ...
James: It's no wonder you hate Charade. It hits too close to home.
Blair: Chuck is an awful person. He does terrible things. He uses people
James: And you think you're any different? I can't believe I've been so stupid. I bet you don't even like me at all.
Blair: Not really. I mean... you're kinda boring.
James: Am I? Or are you just too interested in yourself to get to know me? You two deserve each other.

Blair: It's like Roman Holiday but I'm Gregory Peck and he's Audrey Hepburn!

Blair: Squash? I'll squash you.
Chuck: It's just a game, Blair.
Blair: Not to me, Basshole. I like him!
Chuck: So do I. And apparently he doesn't have too many friends.

Blair: What about all those rumors about you and Nate?
Serena: Mmm mmm. Not true. They just got people off my back so I could stop being sad, and Nate could go do whatever he wants, so it worked out for both of us.
Blair: You mean you haven't had ANY fun with anyone all summer?
Serena: There's this hot lifeguard that asked me out, but I, you know, I turned him down
Blair: A hot lifeguard is like kleenex! Use once and throw away. You couldn't ask for a better rebound!

Blair: Your plan to ruin me totally backfired. Turns out Marcus' mommy is even sicker than you are.
Chuck: You got along great?
Blair: I think she recognized herself in me. Or rather, I recognized someone in her.
Chuck: I don't follow.
Blair: All you need to know is, you lost. But don't be too hard on yourself. It was a solid effort.
Chuck: Tomorrow's another day.
Blair: Good night, Chuck.
Chuck: Good night, Blair.

Blair: [sees Nate and Catherine on the floor] Oh my effing God!

Blair: [to Marcus] Don't worry. I'm well-versed in your lordly ways. And I'm ready to meet the queen... which I also just watched on DVD, BTW.

Chuck: I thought you might like to meet my friend.
Blair: Why, so she can warn me about the effects of too much Botox?
Catherine: Blair, is it? I'm Duchess Beaton.
Blair: [flabbergasted] Duchess? Nice to meet you.

Chuck: Please don't leave with him
Blair: Why ? Give me a reason and "I'm Chuck Bass" doesn't count !
Chuck: Because you don't want to.
Blair: Not good enough.
Chuck: Because I don't want you to
Blair: That's not enough !
Chuck: What else is there ?
Blair: The true reason, I should stay right where I am and not get in the car.... Three words, eight letters, say it. . and i'm yours.
Chuck: I... I...
Blair: Thank you, that all I needed to hear

Chuck: You really know how to hurt people. I admire you for it
Blair: This is all your fault. I wouldn't never needed a James if you hadn't stood me in the airport in the first place. You made me use him.
Chuck: I didn't make you do anything. You're just you. Don't you see we're the same? Stop trying to fight it
Blair: I will fight until my last dying breath because any resemblance of you is something i would hate about myself