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:Buddy: Thank you Lord for letting Buckley win. I know it was nothing short of a miracle and I thank you for that miracle. I know you truly are an all powerful God to let such a crap team win.

Becky: Magical shirt at a bargain price, I'm impressed.
Luke: Well it's important, I was trying to impress you.
Becky: Oh really?
Luke: You are so pretty.
[Becky smiles]
Luke: Did you hear about TMU? They're inviting me down and we're going down tomorrow to check it out with some of the guys.
Becky: That's awesome.
Luke: Yeah it is.
Becky: You're gonna knock 'em dead.
Luke: I gotta tell you something.
Becky: Okay.
Luke: You like me!
Becky: Is that right?
Luke: Yeah, you do. And I'm gonna take you out sometime Just letting you know. Cause I'm coming for you Sproles. Get ready, cause I'm coming for you.

Bill McGregor: Well, you got a decision to make, Jason. You can come to the games on Friday Nights and be some kind of 'Town Symbol', some kind of mascot; or you can come to Friday night games and you can be a football coach. But you can't be both. They can't be your friends.

Billy: [about Lyla] You're a rebound from Jesus.
Tim: No, I'm not a rebound.
Billy: You're a summer fling.
Tim: I don't believe that.

Billy: [Looking at the to-do list that Jason has just made them for the Garrity house] Why do we have to do all the stuff upstairs?
Jason: [sitting in his wheelchair next to Herc] I'm gonna pretend you didn't just ask that.

Billy: [raising his glass] I love this life.
Tim: What? That's not a cheers, that's thinking out loud.
Jason: To money!
Billy: To being bad ass real estate guys.

Billy: [to a defeated, drunk Luke] When was the last time you enjoyed playing football? Were you worried about scholarships when you were eight years old?

Billy: Every time she farts she's thinking that her water's breaking or that she's having contractions. So back off!
Tim: Hey Billy can you pass me that violin please?
Billy: Shut up.
Tim: You're hoggin' it.

Billy: How do you think I got Mrs. Riggins? I went into the Landing Strip for two weeks straight and got a lap dance from every girl except her.
Luke: Ms. Riggins works at the Landing Strip?!

Billy: I'm thinking about coaching. You know, I figure, since I coached you...
Tim: Coach was my coach.
Billy: Right. Well, I just want to change my life a little bit.

Billy: Real men don't lift weights. Real men fender bench.

Billy: That kid calling you Daddy, yet?
Tim: Uh uh, doesn't know anything about it.
Billy: I might not have a PhD in stupid like you do, but I'm a tell you right now this is gonna turn out badly, hell is probably gonna end badly right around State.

Billy: Triple A is for women. We don't ask for directions and we fix our own cars.

Bo: What are you doing Tim Riggins?
Tim: I'm fixing my truck.
Bo: Well, I'm Bo Miller; I'm your new next door neighbor.
Tim: Ok.
Bo: And you're Tim Riggins number 33 who single handedly led the Panthers to the semi's. What happened to your eye? Are you gonna be able to play in the semi's?
Tim: Can you shut up?
Bo: I don't know can I?
Tim: Stop please, I'm gonna need you to shut up. Cause I'm incredibly hung over right now.
Bo: What does that mean?
Tim: You're going to need to go home, okay, thank you.

Buddy Garrity: And remember you gotta win on Friday night to make the playoffs.
Joe McCoy: What was that? Did I just hear the voice of a dead Panther?