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Addict: I don't need them for the pain anymore. I just ... need them.
Dexter: [thoughts] And I need duct tape. Three or four rolls. Running low on heavy duty trash bags. When's the last time I sharpened my knives?

Addict: I'd kill for a Vicodin.
Dexter: [thoughts] Lightweight.

Angel Batista: Sounds like she got what she had coming to her. Personally, I'd like to shake the guy's hand.
Dexter:[Voiceover] Sure, you say that now...

Angel: [laying a hand on Dexter's shoulder; referring to the Bay Harbor Butcher] We've never been this close to this pendejo.
Dexter: [thoughts] Closer than you think, amigo.

Angel: [To Masuka] Cause you're like a retarded puppy.
Masuka: [rubs temple with middle finger at Angel]

Angel: Deb. I'm gonna do whatever it takes, to set the record straight.
Debra: I thought you were backing LaGuerta's story.
Angel: I didn't know what I was gonna do. I was stuck between a rock and my wife. But I decided, I'm backing you.
Debra: Might not go over to well at home.
Angel: You're flesh and blood to me. Like my kid sister, but better, because I actually like you.
Debra: [Touched] Damn.
Angel: It's okay.
Debra: Yeah, it's okay.

Angel: Did you take Harrison for his preschool interview?
Dexter: Yeah, I did.
Angel: Good, because Audi really liked it there.
Dexter: She didn't find it scary? The statues, and the, you know.
Angel: The crucifix. That's a very powerful image of the sacrifice that was made for us. All kids have to learn those kinds of things.
Dexter: [voiceover] Those kinds of things. [aloud] Sorry, but why?

Angel: Don't go down that emotion road, just go down on her. She'll be distracted.

Angel: No way your nickname was worse than "Fatista." 'Cause Gianna just rolls off the â€
Barbara Gianna: "Va"-gianna.
Angel: Okay, you win. Kids can be cruel.

Angel: Why did the killer cut 'em up like this?
Masuka: Easy disposal.
Debra: Or for fun. You don't kill this many people because it's a chore. You do it because you like it.

Angel: You want me to knock on some doors?
Doakes: Or maybe some heads?

Angel: You're the lone hold out. Every other suspect has a criminal past, and not just any criminal past. They were all linked to murder.
Woman: Oscar never murdered anybody!
Angel: Then why was he killed?
Woman: I don't know! Maybe he found out who the serial killer is!
Angel: Oh, okay. So, your husband is an engineer, and a secret crime fighter?

Anton: [pauses during sex with Debra] Hey, do you think you could TiVo Jon Stewart for me?
Debra: You're thinking about Jon Stewart?
Anton: Well, he is handsome and funny...

Arthur: [to his victim as he kills her] Shhh, shhh. it's already over. It's already over.

Arthur: Hello, Dexter Morgan.