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(Beckett's on the precinct, her phone rings)
Beckett: What do you want Castle?
Castle: Tell me you need me.
Beckett: (A moment of silence) Excuse me?
Castle: I'm stuck in the bank, helping my mother get along with my banker. Please tell me there's a murder somewhere we can be solving.
Beckett: Uh, sorry, there's no dead bodies, just a lot of paperwork, but you're welcome to come and do your share, for once.
Castle: The only thing worse than being here is being there doing paperwork.

Alex Conrad: Hey, uh, if it's not overstepping, just in the interest of keeping it real, I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions for the case I'm coming up with for Seriously Dead.
Becket: [Hands him her card] Why don't you just give me a buzz when the two of you are done.
Conrad: [To Castle] I mean, if it's okay with you.
Castle: [Glares at Beckett] Why wouldn't it be okay?
Becket: Okay.
Conrad: Okay.
[Cut to Castle at home with Martha and Alexis]
Castle: It's so not okay! After everything I've done for him, he goes and tries to steal my muse!
Alexis: Muse thievery, what's the punishment for that? Five to ten in mythology jail?

Alexis: [Bringing Castle breakfast in bed] Breakfast time!
Castle: Oh! What did I do to deserve this? Other than, you know, being... me.
Alexis: Isn't that enough?
[Alexis kisses him on the cheek, Castle chuckles]
Castle: Okay, what do you want?
Alexis: Nothing! Why do I have to want something?
Castle: March, 1999, you wanted a Hello Kitty backpack. I got French toast with a whipped-cream smiley face. October, 2004, you wanted a set of mint condition, Empire Strikes Back lightsabers. I got an omelet shaped like Darth Vader.

Alexis: How do you do it, dad?
Castle: Do what?
Alexis: Well, that letter that you have framed in your office.
Castle: [fondly] My first manuscript rejection.
Alexis: Yeah. How can you stand having it there?
Castle: Because it drives me. And I got twenty more of those before Black Pawn ever agreed to publish In a Hail of Bullets. That letter... that letter reminds me of what I've overcome. Rejection isn't failure.
Alexis: It sure feels like failure.
Castle: No, failure is giving up. Everybody gets rejected. It's how you handle it that determines where you'll end up.
Alexis: My whole life has been about making sure I could get into any college I wanted. What's it about now?
Castle: Give it time. You'll figure it out.

Alexis: My, dad, nervous for a date?
Castle: It's not a date - it's an undercover operation.
Martha: I don't know why you won't tell me where the party is.
Castle: Because you'll show up.

Alexis: You act like this is all about her. But you were standing right next to her; you could have been shot. I could have been shot! You need to grow up, dad. You're a writer, not a cop. Stop pretending.

Beckett'' [Suddenly smiling and showing great emotion in her face] Thank you, it's really sweet.

Beckett With teary eyes, smiles and follows him

Beckett [Soft angry voice and face expression]You just can't stay out of my personal life, can you?

Beckett By all means, please come in. So, What is your big insight into a financial decision I would never have to make?

Beckett: (While watching Castle making coffee.) Well, I, uh, I think we all ended up with what we wanted.
Serena: Yeah?
Beckett: Um, you know, after you and Castle went on that date...
Serena: More like a sting.
Beckett: He never thought that you were involved. He believed in you, even when I didn't.
Serena: Why are you telling me this?
Beckett: I just... I think that you should know what kind of person you're dealing with.
Castle: Here we are, ladies. (He hands them both a cup of coffee.)
Beckett: Thank you.
Serena: Thank you.
Castle: Anything wrong?
Beckett: Uh, no. I should, um, just gonna go and file some stuff. (She leaves.)
Serena: (Handing the coffee back.) And I'm going back to my hotel. I would ask you to come, but, it's like I said. I don't steal things that belong to someone else. (She leaves.)
Beckett: (Popping back around the corner.) You guys didn't go out?
Castle: No.
Beckett: Why?
Castle: Because I can't afford it. Museum just slapped me with a bill for the exhibit I broke. (He shows her the bill.)
Beckett: Whoa!
Castle: I know! Think they'd cut me some slack after the whole ”˜helping to solve the murder' thing.
Beckett: I guess the least the NYPD can do is take you out for a hamburger.
Castle: I accept.
Beckett: Let's go.
Castle: I could put Alexis through college on this.
Beckett: Yeah, and med school.
Castle: Thank God I'm rich.

Beckett: *in a Russian accent* Sometimes when I am bored, I go to Glechik Cafe in Little Odessa and pretend to be Muscovite.
Esposito: Now that's kinda hot!

Beckett: [about a frozen body] She's melting.
Castle: Maybe we should be looking for ruby slippers.

Beckett: [About Alexis wanting a scooter] You know what this means, though?
Castle: No. What?
Beckett: Well, Alexis is entering her "wild child" phase.
Castle: [Smiles indulgently] My daughter? Hah, I don't think so.
Beckett: Oh yeah, Castle, all girls go through it. And the good girls are the worst.
[Castle's smile slides off his face]

Beckett: [Castle and Beckett in elevator at the police station] Six months.
Castle: Six months what?
Beckett: [about FBI agent Will Sorenson] We dated for six months.
Castle: I didn't ask.
Beckett: Yeah, I know. You were not-asking very loudly.
Castle: I know. I'm like a Jedi like that.