Beavis: [beats drum] Woah, that was pretty cool. [beats the drum and laughs, getting progressively faster]
Mr. Van Driessen: Okay Beavis, now let that wild man within put his feelings into words.
Beavis: Yeah, hehe, it's like, it's like, I wanna check out chicks' thingies! I wanna see their thingies! But they won't let me! And that just makes me wanna check them out even more!
Other dude 1: We feel your male pain.
Beavis: I feel like I'm never gonna score! And chicks don't wanna talk to me! Like, I wanna go up and say ��Hey baby how's it goin?' heh. And then just like, they just go away! And then they slap me!
Other dude 2: I can identify with that��.I guess.
Beavis: And sometimes I just wanna like, get a big bulldozer and I just wanna like, bulldoze the walls to the girls' locker room! That way I can see their boobs!
Butt-head: That would be cool.
Beavis: It's like I know they're naked inside there, and I just can't stand it! And then, and then I wanna take the bulldozer and like, I wanna bulldoze the cafeteria too! And then the library! Destroy all the books! Eheheheheh, and then I wanna go to the principal's office, and bulldoze the principal's office too! EHEHEHEH!
Other dude 1: I think someone's inner warrior needs to go back to basic training...
Beavis: Things will never turn out they way they-!
Mr. Van Driessen: [interrupting] Maybe you need professional help, Beavis. [reaches over to get the drum back]
Beavis: [beats his hand away] NEVER!
Other dude 3: Someone take that damn drum away from him!
Other dude 2: What the hell are you teaching these kids of yours anyway?
Other dude 1: You know, the guys at the gym were right, you ARE a pantywaist.
Other dude 3: And you said this was the way to recapture the spirit of Woodstock? Woodstock my ass!
Beavis: [beating the drum each time he says it] Naked boobs, naked boobs, naked boobs!

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