Mr. Herrera: Bueno. Recuerdan por favor, clase, siempre contestan en Espa�ol. Bueno? [he walks to the back of the room with a sign that says Juan es Alto] Senor Butt-head, ¿Como es Juan?
Butt-head: Uh, burritos.
Mr. Herrera: No no no, ¿Como es Juan? ¿Como es Juan?
Butt-head: Uh, guacamole.
Mr. Herrera: No, no. ¿Senor Beavis, Como es Juan?
Beavis: Um, spaghetti.
Butt-head: Heh heh. Spaghetti?
Mr. Herrera: Spaghetti? That's Italian, you moron! Dammit! You idiots have been in this class for almost a whole school year, and the only Spanish you know is what you learned at Taco Bell!! ..And Beavis can't even get that right! I'm gonna give you little bastards just ten seconds to come up with a sentence in Spanish, and if you can't, you're both going to the principal's office and you're both flunking. [pause] Well, I'm waiting.
Butt-head: Uuuuh.. [mocks Spanish accent] rendo-pordo-curdoh-nut-a-ben-yubarduhvuh Rico Suave. Huh-huh.
[The class are heard laughing.]
Mr. Herrera: Principal's office, now!
Beavis: [Gears are turning in his head] Uh, Taco Supreme.
[The class continues laughing.]
Mr. Herrera: Get out! Now!

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