David Endawi, EarthForce Intelligence: This is quite irregular, Mr. Garibaldi! I was assured that Captain Sheridan or Commander Ivanova would be available!
Michael Garibaldi: They got called away on urgent business.
Endawi: What kind of business?
Garibaldi: I'm not authorized for that kind of information.
Endawi: But...you're the head of Security.
Garibaldi: And what kind of head of Security would I be if I let people like me know things that I'm not supposed to know? [I mean,] I know what I know because I have to know it, and if I don't have to know it, I don't tell me, and I don't let anyone else tell me, either. Now look, we've tried most of the other ambassadors. Why don't you speak to G'Kar? Maybe he knows something about this ship.
Endawi: Under the terms of our recent treaty, I am not authorized to have any official conversation with the Narn without Centauri approval.
Garibaldi: So you'll ask unofficially. And I can give you reasonable assurances that the head of Security will not report you for doing so.
Endawi: [slowly] Because you won't tell yourself about it.
Garibaldi: I try never to get involved in my own life. Too much trouble.
Endawi: [confused] This is a very strange place you have here, Mr. Garibaldi.
Garibaldi: Thank you.

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