10 Things I Hate About You quotes

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All Seasons
 Season 1  

'Charlie: (after leaving a carnation on Kat's desk) I showed you my flower. Now show me yours.
Kat: Leave... me... alone!

(The guys are watching Kat working on her car)
Ray: Twenty says she quits by the end of the day.
Brad: Oh, come on if everyone bets against her, there's no point in having a pool.
Ray: Patrick?
Brad: Do you wanna bet on her?
Patrick: Not while she's anywhere near power-tools.
(Kat looks up and gives them all a dirty look and walks over.)
Kat: I'll bet on myself.
Brad: Careful, that money could buy you a bunch of tampons.
(Brad and Ray bump fists and walk away laughing.)

(Walter arrives at the school auto shop to discover that Kat has disassembled many pieces from her car)
Walter: Why didn't you call me earlier?
Kat: This is a car, not a uterus.

Bianca Stratford: I have a big fat favour to ask.
Chastity Church: Uh - I don't respond to fat.
Bianca Stratford: Okay, small skinny favour then.

Bianca Stratford: When I go out, I have to file the flight plans with the FAA. But she gets to go out without questions asked?
Walter Stratford: [to Kat] Gonna drink?
Kat Stratford: No.
Walter Stratford: Drugs?
Kat Stratford: No.
Walter Stratford: Sex?
Kat Stratford: Gross.
Walter Stratford: [to Bianca] Satisfied?

Bianca [to Dawn]: Why can't Brad and Angie adopt us?
Dawn: At least I've got a shot. I'm Asian.

Bianca: (On the phone) Hey Kat, it's your sister calling from a deserted parking lot. (Fakes talking to someone else) Oh, hello creepy man in a van, no I don't need a ride, my sister's picking me up. Thanks. (Turns back to the phone). Call me!

Bianca: (sees Kat's shirt all wet) Look at you. Maybe you should change your shirt.
Kat: (drunk) Maybe you should change your face! (laughs)

Bianca: (to Joey about her dad) I'm sorry. He has some sort of disease that makes him cranky. I think it's man-opause.

Bianca: (to Patrick) Look! Deep, deep down beneath my sister's crusty exoskeleton, she has a soft spot for you.

Bianca: But you're gay!
Cameron: I'm not gay! At all! In fact, you're gayer than I am because you kissed a girl.
Bianca: That was for money.
Cameron: See, I could never kiss a guy for money, except for Johnny Depp.

Bianca: Can I borrow your- (Patrick and Kat turn to look at her) A male in your bedroom and he's cute! Am I sleepwalking again? (Patrick smirks while Kat pulls Bianca into the room and closes her door, shushing Bianca)
Kat: (Patrick sits down while Kat freaks out) Dad is going to hear you.
Walter: Girls!
Kat: Oh my god! Crap! Crap! Crap! Get out! Get out! Get out! Get out! (pulls Patrick up from her chair and pushes him towards the window) Just a second Dad I'm...indecent!
Bianca: And in so much trouble. I'm loving this.
Walter: I'm coming in!
(both girls look towards the window, Patrick's gone)

Bianca: Charlie, you and your friends and your friends' friends should tune into BiancaAndDawn.org tonight for some Katy Perry action.

Bianca: Dad, it's healthy for us to spend time apart so we don't get sick of each other.

Bianca: Do you have keys to any of the classrooms? I NEED you to open one.
Kat: Chastity needs more room for her ego?
Bianca: Someone brought a family into our room and she's a bit territorial.
Kat: Too bad. Tell Gangus Chastity that there's a fire going on and we all need to pull together.
Bianca: Yeah, yeah, yeah- we are the world I get it. Can't you just open a door please?
Kat: Not a chance.
Bianca: Why can't you just help me once? Why does everything you do have to be about principles?
Kat': Why does everything you do have to be about Chastity? It's pathetic.
Bianca: Fine, I guess you'd rather be handing out water bottles to old ladies than making out with Patrick Verona but you're right I'm the one who's pathetic!