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Andrew: Can you guys smell it?
Erik: What?
Andrew: Success!

Andrew: I have no doubt in my mind that the people that will be eating this food will culinarily crap in their pants when they see what we have for them.

Andrew: Is anybody else's hand shaking?

Antonia: [about Spike and Mark in the tub] I don't know what those crazy boys are doing. Honestly, this is like a cheap porno.

Daniel Boulud: Of course, I have two young chef here who has previously work in my restaurant before, Richard and Ryan. And that will not affect the work of anyone else, be reassured for that.

Erik: [on his souffle] It rose, but then I dumped a bunch of tortillas and stuff on top of it that made it drop.
Anthony Bourdain: I gotta say, you were clearly way out of your comfort zone and scrambling around for some way out of a bad situation right out of the gate. But the last thing a souffle needs is more weight on top. Tough, tough, tough..
Erik: [shrugging] I made glorified nachos. I'm not proud of it.

Gail: It looked like something a bear would produce, not eat.

Gail: So what do you have for us today?
Andrew: [in a high-pitched voice] What do I have for you today? Oh my God!
[At Judges' Table]

Lisa: I wanted to do a cucumber where you run your knife across it and you rotate the cucumber so that you have like a thin.. almost like a wrapper. And then I look over and Dale is doing the exact same thing, and just whizzing through them like soft butter. So I decide, maybe not.

Mark: A few people go for shrimp straight off the bat. And I thought, they're really taking my gig. How can I throw the [shrimp on the barbie] when they're already doing it? Fucked up, isn't it? [laughs]

Mark: First-of-the-season cranberries. Awesome! You know, that's Christmastime right there, isn't it?

Mark: I read the diet of the vulture, and it's not boots and road tires. Turns out that they eat little fish, rabbits, and lamb.. which is very similar to my diet.

Mark: We walk into the kitchen and it's huge. Huge! You could probably fit the Yankee Stadium in their kitchen, I think.

Mark: We've been given the choice of two grills. One is gas-operated, one is charcoal. I'm the only one that had the testicular fortitude to pick a real charcoal grill. This is how I cook on a barbecue.

Padma: [before introducing Daniel Boulud] If you guys don't know who he is, you should just leave the kitchen now.