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Anthony Bourdain: [about Marcel] Gastro Boy has balls!

Anthony Bourdain: [on Michael's dishes] That was so perverse, so inappropriate, I'm almost beginning to respect him.

Anthony Bourdain: [On Michael] It's like Betty Crocker and Charles Manson had a love child, and he's cooking for me.

Anthony Bourdain: Looking forward to smashing the hopes and dreams and ambitions...

Anthony Bourdain: What kind of crack house are you running here?

Betty: [discussing soup Elia will make] I think mushroom would be lovely with what we're serving, but this is your dish.
Elia: I truly do not care anymore.
Betty: Well, then, make Cheez Whiz.

Betty: [referring to Marcel's QuickFire dish] Why does he have a foam on every fucking thing he makes?!

Betty: [to Harold after a good review] I love you!

Betty: [to Ilan, as they leave the Farmer's Market] You want to hold my melon?
Season 3

Betty: [to Tom Colicchio] I'm the bar wench.

Betty: [while prepping for Ilan] Marcel, do you want me to toast it with nothing on it foâ€
Ilan: [interrupting in an outraged tone] What did you just call me?!
Betty: Oh my God, I should be shot!

Betty: Marcel went for that pig's blood. Kinda looks like a vampire, don't you think?

Carlos: [after being asked why it took him four hours to prepare his salad] If you're saying that I sat on my butt --

Carlos: [after being dismissed from the competition] I'm going to go home and have a margarita.

Carlos: [after Tom Colicchio made a negative remark about his dish] It may not have been my crowning achievement, but I didn't think it was crap on a plate.