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Andy Cohen: [reading a viewer question] "I noticed that CJ seemed real excited when Padma woke him up. What's up with CJ and Padma?"
CJ: Well, it's not, like, how the dream normally goes, but the wakeup was fine! [everyone laughs]
Sandee: That was a challenge I definitely missed. [everyone laughs harder]
Before the slideshow

Andy Cohen: [reading a viewer question] "Ilan, do you think anyone was cast for their looks more than their cooking ability, like Sam, Cliff, or Camille?"
Ilan: Yeah, I can only judge from my season.
Andy Cohen: And?
Ilan: And, yeah, absolutely. I think Frank was always a prime example. [everybody laughs]

Andy Cohen: Clay, do you want to defend your amusé?
Clay: Not at all. [laughs]

Andy Cohen: Jack wants to know, "Which challenge was your favorite?" Clay?
Clay: Me? [The room bursts with laughter]
Howie: So wrong. That is so wrong!
Clay: Now, hold on a minute! Does Jack really ask this or do you?
Season 4

Andy Cohen: On the other side of the coin, Casey, there's a rumor out there about the frightening implications of becoming close friends with you. Let's take a look.
After the slideshow

Andy Cohen: Was the decision between a Top Chef logo and a heart with Howie's name on it?
Joey: Nah, that's going on the other leg.

Andy Cohen: Who here thinks they have a shot at Fan Favorite?
[Hung raises his hand; he and everybody else laughs]
Tom: My friend, you have, no shot, I think!
Hung: [still laughing] Zero! Zero!
Tom: None! [laughs]

Anthony Bourdain: [about CJ's dish] They were cleaning Bob Marley's house and found this in the closet.

Brian: [about Hung's crazy Smurf-inspired dish] I have no idea what this guy's on.. but I want some!

Brian: I'm real scared for my buddy CJ over there! [laughs]

Brian: This is my "Honkey-Tonk-Whiskey-River-Drunken Elk Shank."

Casey: Why are these plates so small?!?

Casey: I did remind them over the break that I was kicking their ass for a while!

CJ: [about Anthony Bourdain] He's not afraid to eat a brain out of a live monkey.

CJ: [about Hung's performance in the Quickfire] He came off as a freaking douche.