Tru Calling quotes

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All Seasons
 Season 1  

Bitchy Neighbor: Paige, Paige, you've aways been a smart girl be smart now.

Bitchy neighbor: You don't know what your saying

Davis: Okay, hotshot; bonus question you ready?

Davis: Um, most girls as pretty as you that come here, well, they're dead.

Harrison: She needs me, I love her, & she needs me.

Harry: Fine, he deserves what he gets.
Tru: And then what, you end up where in jail for life or worse.

Harry: Well what, do want me to be like dad, stand by helplessly & watch the woman I love get murdered, is that what you want?

Harry: You will never lose me Tru... But I have to go I gotta go.

Jack: Don't get your hopes up, I just came in to give my two weeks' notice.

Luc: It's me, 1 is feeling better & the other is way 2 far away from u.

Meridith: Um, no actually, I came 2 find out what dad said 2 u.

Nick Kelly: See, I knew we'd have that kiss before the day was over.

Nick: It's my job Tru, I'm as stubborn as you are.

Paige: For the first time in years I know exactly what I'm saying.

Paige: I'm a child, you son of a bitch, I was 9.