Abbey: You think this is your fault? It's not.
Bartlet: He's my best friend. I'm not the kind of person who has best friends.
Abbey: Because your life is your work, and so is his; your work.
Bartlet: What are you trying to say?
Abbey: You chose this; both of you. You're running a country, for God's sake, not a tree house.
Bartlet: Well, Leo stays in the tree house if he wants to. We'll work around his recovery; half-days, whatever it takes.
Abbey: He's not going to work half days. He's not going to work around his recovery. He's not going to do whatever it takes.
Bartlet: That's his decision.
Abbey: And we know what that decision is going to be.
Bartlet: So I should wake him up and fire him again? Because it worked so well the first time?
Abbey: Let's talk about this time. You've got to keep him out of that job. He'll kill himself for you if you don't.

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