Abbey: That was wonderful!
Bartlet: That was fun.
Abbey: How you feeling?
Bartlet: I feel great.
Abbey: You want a glass of water?
Bartlet: No, I'm fine.
Abbey: You seem a little dry. Sure you don't want a glass of water?
Bartlet: No, I feel great.
Abbey: Maybe I should get you a glass of water, just in case. You could hold it in your hand.
Bartlet: [pause] How'd you know?
Abbey: You were off the prompter.
Bartlet: [A little teary] Just for a second, I couldn't see it.
Abbey: It's all right. There are going to be more days like this. It starts now. It's going to be harder this time.
Bartlet: Yeah, I know. We can still have tonight, though, right?
Abbey: [fighting tears; smiles] You've got lots of nights.

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