Lord Mayor of London: Your Grace.
Charles Brandon: My lord, I was promised artillery when I arrived here, but I don't see any guns!
Lord Mayor of London: Your Grace, we have guns, but we have not been able to find enough horses or drays to transport them.
Charles Brandon: [angered] Perhaps you don't understand. I'm about the King's most urgent business. And if you cannot commandeer enough horses for his Majesty's use, then how can you call yourself Mayor of London!?
Lord Mayor of London: Your Grace, I did not want to cause a panic by forcing people to part with their horses and drays!
Charles Brandon: [furious] IDIOT! I charge you, personally, to find enough horses within two days, and bring the guns on after our army, or God help me, I will hold you to account! With any luck, Mr. Mayor, I will afterwards have the chance to see you DISEMBOWELLED AT TYBURN!

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